Wednesday, October 31, 2012


                                                                  Happy Haloweén 

Here's a short update to go with today's theme. Again this year I have only received one Halloweén themed postcard. I guess from that fact, Halloweén  postcards are hard to find most places. For that matter, any holiday, or themed day postcard is next to impossible to find in my area.

Anyway, here's the one Halloweén postcard that I received a couple days ago. It arrived from the U.S.A. , compliments of a Postcrosser called Shad.

Shad used a couple of common, often used and seen stamps , so I won't bother to write about them. Shad also decorated the card with a couple of spooky stickers, Dracula and Frankenstein , I know I'm scared now just writing their names.

That's the update for Halloweén., Enjoy the day, look after the little kids, don't scare them too
 much ,check the treats and don't eat all your leftover treats tonight. Take care.

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