Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ireland, Russia, Cuba, TapPortugal and Newgrange

As you can see from my title today, I am beginning in Ireland and ending in Ireland with a few stops in between. I have a total of five cards for this time. So let's begin with a card of Dublin City. On the card we can see the River Liffey and Ha'penny Bridge. The Liffey is a river in Ireland , flowing through the center of Dublin, supplying much of Dublin's water and a range of recreational opportunities.  Ha'penny Bridge was built in May 1816 and is 43 metres in length. It was historically known as Wellington Bridge, officially known as Liffey Bridge, but is commonly called Ha'penny Bridge due to the toll charge

David, a frequent contributor of postcards to this blog sent this one along. He used 2 stamps , one of which is a Flower definitive from 2005. The second stamp is a little more involved. It was issued to celebrate the 36th Ryder Cup which was held at the K Club, Straffan, Co.Kildare, Ireland  Sept 22-24, 2006. I believe the stamp is the left stamp in a Souvenir Sheet of  2, described in Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue as a Self-Adhesive with Three-Dimensional Plastic Affixed. When it is moved it does show some motion and allows one to see things that aren't visible when viewed straight on. The PostBeeld.Com online FreeStampCatalogue describes the stamp as from a 3D Foil Sheet. Either way is is a wonderful and interesting stamp. It is very similar to the 2009 100 Years of Ice Hockey stamps issued by Canada , with lenticular motion.  

Thanks David .

My next card comes from Russia. It shows the porch or front entrance of the Protection of the Virgin Cathedral in Moscow.     

PostCrosser Alexy sent this card and used a nice 2011 stamp honouring the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Here's a card from Varadero, Cuba. It's a card showing the Grand Theatre of Havana. It is also the home of the National Ballet of Cuba. This building was opened in 1915. The thing about this card is that the facade of the building is raised, you can feel the structure of the building.

Used on the card is 1 of 5 Cuban Sailing Ships issued for CAPEX 96.

This next card , an Airline/Aircraft card is certainly a welcome addition to my collection. It is a Tap Portugal A330-200 . An aircraft that I have yet to fly in. But I have flown on Tap Air Portugal as it was called back then in 1975. We flew from Montreal to Lisbon and return.Strangely after all this Portugal business, I have to say that the card arrived from Germany.

Birgit used 2 stamps, 1 a flower definitive and the other is a 2012 Wildlife issue showing a proud Moose.

We're getting there, here's the last card for this time. Newgrange. Here we have a highly decorated stone at the entrance to Newgrange Magalithic Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage site , in County Meath, Ireland. It is located in the Boyne Valley on the east side of Ireland. Newgrange was built over 5000 years ago, approximately 3200 BC. 

A postage label showing a Squat Lobster was used

 this card.

That brings us to the end of another update. Thanks to all who sent cards. Take care and drop back again soon.

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