Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Uprights or Verticals and World Post Day 2012

Hello again and Happy World Post Day to you all. World Post Day, what the heck is that, you might be saying.
World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October, the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in the Swiss capital, Bern. It was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969. The purpose of World Post Day is to create awareness of the role of the postal sector in people’s and businesses’ everyday lives and its contribution to the social and economic development of countries. 
In honor of World Post Day , I decided to send one special postcard . I left a message on the Postcrossing site and said I would send a postcard to the first Postcrosser that contacted me. A lady in Washington , D.C, was the first, so she gets the postcard.

Moving right along, today's blog will showcase another bunch of vertical format postcards. 


First card up is from Czech Republic and is of a small section of Charles Bridge and Old Town. Charles Bridge is a 14th century stone bridge across the Vltava River in Prague. Construction started in 1357 , it is 621 meters long and 10 meters wide.   

Stanislav used 2 stamps on his card. The flower stamp on the left is from 2007, 1 of 2 flower definitives. The stamp on the right was issued this year , 2012, and is 1 of 3 self adhesives in a set entitled My Own Stamp. What that means , I have no idea.


  My second card comes from China. It shows a famous Chinese painting by Tang Yin. Tang was a painter of the Ming Dynasty period.  


Wendy is the sender of this card and she used a 2011 stamp issued for The World Horticultural Expo held in Xi'an. It is 1 of 2 stamps issued for the event.


This next card is from my brother Dale. He was traveling in South America earlier this year. The card shows the National Pantheon of Heroes , located in downtown Asuncion, Paraguay. It looks like local vendors set up there to sell their wares.

For some reason Dale wasn't able to post his card in Asuncion. Perhaps it was difficult to locate stamps or a post office. Anyway, he took his card back to Rio and mailed it from there. He used 2 stamps , 1 from 2011 and 1 from 2002. 


Here's a card from Antwerp, Belgium. It shows the 16th century Quinten Metsijs painting The Virgin in Prayer. 

A 2011 Christmas stamp was used on this card. It is from a set of 4 self adhesives.








This next card is from Belarus and it shows a 1719 engraving entitled Description of America.I leave it to you readers to figure that one out.   

Tatiana used 2 nice 2010 stamps. The one on the left commemorates the 65th anniversary of the end of World War 11. The other stamp is 1 of a set of 2 highlighting sailing.


Now the final card for this time. It's from Taiwan and shows a swing set in a grassy area. Looks like a nice place to swing my two youngest grandkids, Will and Ryann.  

Here's the final stamp for today. Elanor used a 2012 Beetle stamp , 1 of a set of 4. 


That's the update for this World Post Day. Hope you enjoyed it somewhat, if you did let me know. If you didn't , still let me know.

Looking forward to this week's cards that might arrive. Last week was a bit of a bust , only 3 cards arrived. I think that might just be a record, but not a good one , or one I want to repeat. 

Take care and thanks to all for sending the cards shown today.


Medusa said...


Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I look forward to receiving the postcard. :)


"medusa242" (from Postcrossing)

WaxonDanielsan said...

Happy World Post Day! :-)