Sunday, October 28, 2012

My 1500th Postcard From POSTCROSSING and Other Cards

It's Sunday, the sun is finally out and I'm feeling much better. It was great for picture taking this morning, everything was covered with hoar frost. It's starting to warm up a little, hopefully we'll be on the plus side for the next while. Now at they say, on to the cards.
My first card today is a great card for a number of reasons. It's a plane card, so that's good, it's a famous view and it is a milestone card. Here we go- this card arrived from Germany, from PostCrosser Alexandra. I have been a member of PostCrossing for over 6 years  now ( 2425 days )  in fact and this is the 1,500th card I have received through my participation in PostCrossing. So you can see that there aren't many days that I don't find a postcard in my mailbox. Now the card itself. It's called View Over Manhattan. It's a view of aircraft NC 18100, a Douglas DC-4E called a Super Mainliner. It was a first version of the later famous DC-4. NC 18100 appeared to be a double deck ( the small upper windows were to illuminate sleeping accommodation )  , multi - fin design aircraft which failed to catch on with the airlines. It flew in 1938 and 1939, some say the picture in question was taken in 1946, but I think that's stretching it a bit. On June 9, 1939 the DC-4E flew some test flights over Dayton, Ohio and none other that Mr. Orville Wright himself was a passenger. The aircraft pictured here was sold to Imperial Japanese Airways in late 1939.  All in all it's a great card, a great addition to my Aircraft on Postcards Collection. It would even be a wonderful picture on my wall.

Alexandra used 1 of 2 stamps in a 2011 UNESCO World Heritage , Joint Issue with Japan.

Card # 2 is another great transportation card. It shows Conway Scenic R.R. # 7470 at North Conway, New Hampshire, barreling down the track. . Locomotive 7470 is a coal fired steam engine built in the Montreal shops of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1921. This picture is copyrighted Joe Geronimo and I hope it's okay to use it here, since he sent the card to me. If not, he will tell me and I'll remove it. It's a great shot and I'm glad to have received it from Joe. We have swapped a few cards back and forth and hopefully will again.

Joe used 3 stamps all of which go back a number of years. The one on the left is 1 of 4 issued for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in lake Placid, N.Y.  The middle stamp , from 2006 is 1 of 20 in a self adhesive Super Heroes set. The right stamp was issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The United Nations in 1995.

New Orleans is the sight of my next card. The card shows the sternwheeler Natchez. The Natchez is a true sternwheeler - both the giant paddle-wheel and calliope are steam powered. This lovely boat offers daily and evening cruises on the Mississippi River.

This card is from Kate who was visiting New Orleans. She has a great postcard blog called deltiolog - a journal of collected postcards .Check it out, it's well worth a visit.  Kate did a good job on selecting stamps for a card from New Orleans. She used 3 of 8 from  a 1994 set featuring Blues & Jazz Singers.

Well I didn't start out to feature cards with a transportation theme, but here's a fourth one. This one may be a little subdued compared to the first three. If you look behind the lady in front, you will see a penny-farthing bicycle. That's quite the riding attire, to say the least.

Jitka from the Czech Republic sent this card as her choice in a private swap. She used a 2008 stamp, a definitive featuring a Gerbera.

Another private swap prompted this next card. I was contacted by The Powells of Forestville, Michigan, U.S.A. Forestville is a village of about 150 people. I was surprised that it had its own post office, but as the post mark clearly shows , it does. The Powells' card shows The Tarpaper Shack at Camp Barakel, in Fairview, Michigan. The Tarpaper Shack stood at the north end of Shear Lake until 1994. 

The Powells used 1 of 5 self adhesive Birds of Prey  stamps issued this year.

This next card also comes from the U.S.  Natasha from Los Angeles sent this one and  I guess it's self explanatory. Just read what's below the door knocker.
 Natasha used a 2011 George Washington stamp and a 2012 Wedding cake stamp.

Last card for today comes from Russia. Great card with great stamps. Katya's card is of the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow. Pretty nifty hotel - I think I could stay there when I visit Moscow. The 34 floor hotel was first opened in 1957 , but renovated and reopened in 2010 as the Radisson Royal, with 505 rooms.

Katya used 2 really large Russian stamps. The stamp on the left is 1 of 4 in a 2006 set of Viktor Vasnetsov Paintings.The one on the right was issued in 2010 and honours Chokan Valikhanov.

So ends another update. A good one I think. Thanks to Katya, Natasha, The Powells, Jitka, Kate, Joe and Alexandra for these great cards. 

Till we do it again. Take care.

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