Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bridges, Planes, Mailboxes and Buddha

It's Thursday and I'm blogging. Why, because the weather here in Alberta is still sucking big time. I'm not saying it's cold, I'll just say it isn't warm. Just last evening at my grandson's soccer game, I'm there wearing long pants and a heavy sweater. It wasn't just me, most all the parents and grandparents were dressed the same. It's June tomorrow and I can only hope for improvement.
Enough of that , on to postcards. Seems they never go cold.

I'm starting today with a card of that other bridge in San Francisco, U.S.A. The so-called Bay Bridge. Construction of the bridge started in 1933 and was finished in 1936. It connects the eastern side of San Francisco , with the western side of Oakland. It carries 10 lanes of traffic- 5 westbound on the upper level and 5 eastbound on the lower. Thanks to my brother Mel for this one. He used a couple of definitives along with 2 Aloha Shirt stamps.

My second card today is from Belarus. It shows a group of 9 trainor airplanes flying in formation. The card doesn't tell me who they are or what type of aircraft they are. Let me go out on a limb here and say they are Aero L-39C Albatros aircraft of the Belarus Air Force Aerobatics Team. Tanya , a Postcrosser in Belarus used 3 flower definitives from 2008 along with a train locomotive stamp. It is 1 of 2 in a set issued in 2010.

Mailboxes, we can see a group of 14 , painted in a bunch of bright colors on this next card, from The Netherlands. Rietie who loves in the north of Holland sent this card after reading in my Postcrossing profile that I would like to receive postcards of mailboxes/postboxes. It also says I like cards of planes and manhole covers. Well I get lots with planes, as you know, but I guess there aren't many of the manhole postcards out there. She used one of the international rate Postcrossing stamps issued back in October of last year.

This next card is from Yi-Ping, who lives in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With its windy climate, Hsinchu is nicknamed "The Windy City ". And I always thought people were talking about Chicago, in the States. The card shows Fo Kuang Shan "Buddha Torch Mountain" which is just south of Kaoshsiung. You'll find statutes of Buddha all around . The complex also houses a college of Buddhism. Yi-Ping used 2 stamps, the one on the left is 1 of 4 in a Flower set issued in 2009. The stamp on the right is unknown to me, I am unable to locate any information about it.

Here's another Aerobatics Team, this one is The Midnight Hawks of The Finnish Air Force. The 4 Hawks are made up of BAe Systems Hawk MK51 and MK51A aircraft. In the upper right corner of the postcard , you can see the team's logo. And now for the stamp- Issued in 2010, it is 1 of 5 in a self-adhesive set denoting Happiness.

Now, we end this update the way we started - a bridge over San Francisco Bay , sent by my brother. Only this time it's The Golden Gate Bridge. I don't think I can write anything new about The Golden Gate, so I won't. A great view though, isn't it ? I hope to see it in person sometime , sooner than later. The stamps- well they are just about the same as on The Bay Bridge card, shown above.

Another end to another update. Thanks to all for their cards. I'll be back soon, hope you will too.

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Michael5000 said...

What a great set of mailboxes. I want to live in that neighborhood.