Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cards From Ukraine, Belarus, Netherlands and U.S.A.

This is a no theme just cards update. Of the cards that I have received and have on hand at present, I think for the next while , I''ll just take them from front to back and see how that goes. This is update # 1 of that arrangement.

Today's cards :
Card # 1 - It comes from Ukraine and gives us a look at Korniakt Tower in Lviv. This city of about 760,000 is located in western Ukraine about 70 km from the Polish border. Lviv was named in 2009 as the best Ukrainian city to live in. It is nicknamed Little Paris of Ukraine. Many citizens of Lviv played a key role in the 2004 Orange Revolution. The 400 plus year old Korniakt Tower is an integral part of the Dormition or Assumption Church. Now here's the stamp - it is 1 of a set of 13 definitives issued in 2008.

Card # 2 - This card comes from Birgit who lives in Schoonhoven, a small city in western Netherlands. The cards itself is of the 15th century Gothic city town hall in Gouda. Gouda is famous for its Gouda cheese and it's beautiful old town hall. Birgit writes that the town hall now stands empty but anyone with a great plan for it, can submit their ideas for future use and maybe get lucky . This Postcrossing card arrived with a nice assortment of stamps. The stamp on the left was issued in 1983, 1 of 4 in a Famous Persons set. This semi-postal shows Rembrandt's first wife Saskia. The stamp on top right is from 1 set of 2 Tourism stamps issued in 1985. The remaining stamp , also a semi-postal, is from a set of 3 issued in 1995 honouring senior citizens.

Card # 3 - Another Postcrossing card, this time from Ivan in Minsk, Belarus. Ivan's card , about 30 years old, shows Lenin Square, now , I believe , called Independence Square. Ivan used 2 flower definitives from 2008 along with a nice topical Bird stamp from 2011.

Card # 4 - A re-print of an old card showing the harbour of Rotterdam before 1870. Postcrosser Marleen sent it along and used a common worldwide priority stamp, which I'm not showing, as I've shown it many times in the past. It's the one with part of the Earth's map in a heart.

Card # 5 , today's last - I received this one from Kate back in early March. Kate writes deltiolog. Her card shows the USS Croaker, a World War II submarine , which was open to the public in Groton, Connecticut, USA until 1987. Since then The Croaker can be found in Buffalo, N.Y.
Kate used a 2011 Washington definitive and a 2012 self-adhesive Working Dogs stamp from a set of 4.

That's today's update. Thanks to Lidia, Birgit, Ivan, Marleen and Kate for their cards.
Enjoy your cards, drop by again soon.


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