Sunday, January 22, 2012

Towers, Planes, Windsurfing, A Mailbox, and More

Here I am again, and why the gap of almost a week, you might ask ? I have no idea, I had the cards, I'm sure I had the time, it just never happened. I promise to do better this week. Now on the the cards.
Let's start with a card from Doha, Qatar. Compliments of Jean Pierre, it shows Aspire Tower, a 300 metre tower located in the Doha Sports City complex. The tower housed the Asian Games flame and served as the focal point for the 15th Asian Games hosted by Qatar in December 2006. Jean Pierre used 3 stamps from 2011. The large one on the right is from a s/s of 4 issued for the Qatar Classic Squash Championship. The other 2 , I wasn't able to find any info about.

Today's second card is some sort of advertising card from Beijing Capital International Airport. It shows a large 4 engine aircraft lifting off. There are a couple of slogans on the card - Small Cards-Kind Regards , and then there is , Beijing Capital Airport wishes you special happiness at the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a pre stamped card so I can't really tell much about the stamp.

Now we move on to wind-surfing , and on this card it's windsurfing on San Francisco Bay in California. This card comes from Terry who writes-" came across your blog and thought you might enjoy a card". Terry, you are certainly right on that account, I always enjoy a card in my mail box, especially from someone who just happened across my blog. If you are reading this Terry and want an Alberta card in return, just drop me a comment at and I'll get one out to you. The 2 stamps are kind of cute. They are from a pane of 20 issued in Aug 2011, entitled Send a Hello, animation figures. This pane of 20 stamps includes five different designs featuring Pixar characters: Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars (2006); Remy the rat and Linguini from Ratatouille (2007); Buzz Lightyear and two of the green, three-eyed aliens from Toy Story (1995); Carl Fredricksen and Dug from Up (2009); and the robot WALL*E from WALL*E (2008). 2 of the 5 are on this postcard. Evan, my little grandson certainly likes Buzz Lightyear , so I know he'll enjoy looking at this stamp. He's also a big Lightning McQueen and Mater fan and would love that one , too.

Let's have a look at a mail box card next. A very colorful card, this one comes from Ukraine and according to Anna, all the post boxes in Ukraine look like this one. They are coloured in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag. The blue symbolizes peaceful skies and the yellow, rich fields. The large stamp, top left was issued in 2010 and is 1 of 4 in a set issued commemorating the Kiev Metro. The top right stamp , also was issued in 2010 and is from a set of 2 featuring sculptures. The 3 bottom stamps are from a set of 8 Handicrafts stamps issued in 2011.

Now, who's up for another tower, actually a lighthouse. It is Eluanbi Lighthouse, located on Cape Eluanbi, the southernmost point of Taiwan. The lighthouse is 21.4 meters high and construction on it started in 1881, with the light first lit in 1883. Yu-Jhen used 3 stamps , which unfortunately I wasn't able to locate any info about them.

The next card is what I call a Person card. I don't receive many of these and for good reason. Since it's from Russia and I don't read the language, I have no idea who this fellow is or was. I can tell you though that he lived from 1757-1825.
At least that is what the card indicates. So, if you were guessing Alexander I , I believe he was born 1777, 20 years later. I'm sure someone will come up with the truth. Oxana used a number of different stamps and the 2 I want to highlight are the 2 larger top stamps. The left stamp is a 2006 Christmas stamp and the other one is a stamp issued in 2010 celebrating the end of World War II in 1945.

I think that's a good place to end for this time. I still have one card left which I will save for tomorrow. I'm a bit stuck for time here now as I have to take off to my grandson Evan's birthday party. He will be 4 years old tomorrow, Monday.

Take care .


Leslie said...

I found the painting! The years listed on the card are actually the life of the painter (Borovikovsky), and the painting is of an early Russian poet.

Cyprus Windsurfing said...

Brilliant post mate, keep up the good work