Friday, January 27, 2012

Postcrossing, and a few Cards

A few words about Postcrossing.
Today, January 27, 2012 is a banner day for Postcrossing. Today Postcrossing recorded postcard 10,000,000 as received. That means postcard number 10 million was sent sometime ago from Japan and was received today in Germany. What a super feat ! Postcrossing went live on July 14, 2005 and its first 1,000,000 card was received on April 11, 2008 ; now just six and a half years later , we are at 10,000,000. Unbelievable ! Postcrossing has 284,372 members in 202 countries or places around the world. Here's a link so you can read the history of Postcrossing.

Now for some cards. My first card for today is from The Netherlands. Yes, it's another mailbox, and a British one to boot. I am receiving quite a number of these postbox/mailbox cards and that's great. Barbara from Amsterdam , along with her 2 daughters picked this card out for me. A nice selection of Dutch stamps was used on this card. The stamp on the left was issued in 1979 and commemorates Joost van den Vondel. The middle stamp is from a 2006 Joint Issue set of 5 with Germany. It shows Rembrandt's Mother. The stamp on the right , issued in 2006, is from a set of 5 entitled Beautiful Holland.

Card # 2 is from Japan and on the front is a red Snapper. I have tried a lot of fish in my time, but never Red Snapper. The larger stamp on the right is a nice , old stamp, 37 years old in fact. It was issued in 1975 for International Letter Writing Week. Do they still have such a thing ? Yes, indeed, at least in Japan and Thailand. Its aim is to contribute to World Peace by encouraging cultural exchanges among the people of the world through letter writing. A lofty goal for sure. And what about Postcards? There is a National Postcard Week and it's just 94 days away. It will be held May 1-7, 2012. I have decided to mail a postcard everyday to someone during National Postcard Week. If you're reading this, you might be the lucky one that day. How about You ? What will you do ?

This next card just reappeared yesterday after 38 years. My Lovely Teena was going through some old photos and stuff and happened upon this great card. It shows the Saint
Pierre Airport . Parked out front on the ramp is a Eastern Provincial Airways, Air St. Pierre DC3. I started my airline career with Eastern Provincial way back in 1974, and St. Pierre is where Teena and I spent our honeymoon. The card was never mailed but will make a great addition to my collection.

Last card for this time. If you read my last update from yesterday you remembe
r I received a beer card from someone somewhere in Canada. Well I think I have received another card from that same unknown person. At least the printing of the address look the same. There's no other information on the card. This one shows the skyline of Indianapolis lit up by fireworks. Same as the last one, a U.S. card posted from Canada. All I have to say to the sender- keep those cards coming. A 2011 Christmas Holly Permanent rate stamp was used on this one.

Another update in the books. Take care, come back again. Thanks to Barbara, Tsubasa, My Lovely Teena and the unknown sender.

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