Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday's Update on Sunday

It's Sunday , I know but I really thought I would get this update in on Friday. It wasn't to be. Then no time on Saturday- with grandkids all day and evening. Now with the extra hour I gained today due to standard time replacing daylight saving time, I can finally get to postcards. At least for an hour ! I have just four cards from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland and Finland. All four are from Postcrossers.

Card # 1 -Czech Republic - Kubina wrote that he read on my Postcrossing profile that I liked postcards with Airliners on the them, so he went out and bought one for me. Thanks so much. Another great card for my Airlines/Airliners collection. This one is a B-737 of XL Airways Germany. From looking at their livery I think they may be a charter airline . The stamps include a 2007 flower definitive and a 2011 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stamp. You know , I have been looking at and collecting stamps for over 45 years and every now and then a stamp sticks out and this is one of them . I have seen a number of beautiful stamps and this Mozart stamp rates with the best of them. It gets my vote. A great card and a great stamp.

Today's 2nd card id from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Olya sent this card called The Newborn and I guess in a way it is. She writes that Pottery is a tradition in Ukraine. My lovely Teena saw this card and said it was a nice card. She sees most of my cards as they arrive but reserves her comments for those that depict people and objects like this pottery one. Olya used a 2007 definative, 1 of a set of 7.

Card # 3 give us a look at Stargard Szczecinski, a city of just over 70,000 located in northwestern Poland. Stargard was first mentioned in 1140 and received city rights in 1243. During World War II, the large prisoner-of-war camp Stalag 11-D was located near Stargard. Thousands of Canadians captured at Dieppe were imprisoned there. The stamp on this one is from a 2001 set of 2 featuring Farms.

Today's final card , entitled Birds of Finland, from Anu, is of course from Finland. On it we see the Eurasian Hobby, a small falcon. The Hobby is certainly not on any threatened or endangered list. Anu used a 2009 Aurora Borealis stamp from a set of 3 Polar Light stamps.

That's the update for this time. Thanks to all who sent cards. So now my extra hour is no more. Put to good use I think.
See you next time. Leave a comment if you have anything to say . Cheers !

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