Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cards From Perth, Texas, Finland, Portugal, Amsterdam, Pennsylvania, and New York City

Howdy Folks, it's been a while. Almost a week. How come ? Your guess is as good as mind. Maybe I can chalk it up to say, Christmas shopping. Anyway, moving right along, I may not have been active here, but that didn't stop the cards from arriving. I have at least 21 to chose from over the next few days. I have in front of me 7 cards for today, I'm not sure I'll get that many in but it's a nice thought. So on with the cards.

First up is a card from Perth, in Western Australia. Yes, it's another one from Dale. The card gives you a good view of the Perth city skyline from a distance. Dale used a beautiful 2011 4 value m/s
from Australian Antarctic Territory featuring AAT Landscapes ( Icebergs).

Today's second card was posted in Dallas, Texas, USA. On it we can see a Texas Longhorn sitting in a bed of Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas. KC used the 2009 Grand Teton National Park stamp, which I have showed many times.

Now for a card from Finland. On this one we can see a Steam Engine Museum. The Postcrosser who sent this card used a 2010 stamp featuring the Torronsuo National Park.

Portugal is next with a card from Porto, a northern city and second largest city in Portugal. My lovely Teena and I visited Portugal many moons ago, way back in Feb of 1975. So long ago, that we flew in a Boeing 707. How many of my readers can say they flew on a B 707 ? This card shows what looks to be the train station in Porto but I may be wrong on that and someone will probably correct me. Maybe a city commuter train . The stamp is from a set of 4 issued this year for Universities.
Sriwarni's card from Amsterdam is the next card for today. A little similar to the last card in that it shows a city commuter tram . The stamp is from a 2011 set of 2 issued for the Environment.

A card from Middleburg, Pennsylvania, USA is next. It's a homemade or at least home decorated card done around the stamps theme. The front is a reproduction of a group of worldwide stamps. Even though you can not see all of the back, it is decorated with a number of pre used stamps from the USA. The 3 stamps Julie used for postage on this card include the 2003 American Clock stamp and 2 large Forever stamps from a 2011 m/s of 12 showcasing Industrial Design.
Today's final card is from San Antonio, Texas but it showcases the Rochester, New York skyline on the Genesee River. LilibethJean who hails from New York City used a 2008 Tiffany Lamp stamp and a 2009 Zion National Park stamp to send this card up north to Alberta.
So there another update in the books. Thanks to everyone who sent these cards, because you know, I can't do this without other people's help. Take care.
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