Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Postcards - What Postcards

I have put off this update now for a couple of days due to a lack of postcards. It is Wednesday as I write and and so far this week just one postcard has showed up in the mailbox. It's gets pretty difficult to blog about postcards when they are few and far between. The one card I have for this update arrived on Monday. Nothing Tuesday and nothing today, Wednesday.
On to the postcard. It comes to me from Estonia , compliments of a Postcrosser in Tallinn.
It's not your usual touristy type of card. This card shows a few pairs of Estonian wool socks and a few Estonian sheep. I wonder if the sheep are thinking - hey, that wool looks familiar, is that from me ? I can only hope their feet stay warm this winter because I don't feel like giving again. Included in the two stamps is a nice tram or railway stamp from 1996. It is one of a set of three, all featuring railways cars of some sort. The other stamp was issued this year and that's about all I know about it.

Now, since I don't have more postcards to blog about , I guess I'll have to give my October postcard report. I'm sure my regular readers have been awaiting it with bated breath. So without further ado , here we go : During the month of October, I received a total of 30 cards, of which 24 were Postcrossing related. I also mailed out 37 cards and 29 of them went to Postcrossers. It was the second consecutive month that I sent more that I received. Finally, sadly, I did not add any new countries to my collection during last month. My last new country was during August.

I won't go as far as saying that it's becoming frustrating, but will say it's not been easy the past few months. I am going on though , so keep those cards coming.
That's all for this time, I'll be back when I get a few cards on hand and I have something to say about them. Take care.

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Trevor said...

Averaging about one per day... not bad!