Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Four Card Day

Here we go with four cards that arrived either yesterday or Monday. Two of them are from the United Kingdom , one is from China and one is from The Netherlands. The first from the U.K. shows a statue of the Loch Ness Monster at Drumnadrochit. This is a small village in Scotland , on the west side of Loch Ness. I'm not going to write about Nessie, as the legend is known the world over. We even have our own equivalent here in Canada, Ogopogo, in Okanagan Lake, British Columbia. The card is from Leslie, who is on an extended stay in the U.K. She writes that Loch Ness is quite peaceful and not touristy at all. Leslie has a postcard blog at but it is on hold until Feb, 2011. I'm looking forward to reading your blog again in February. By the way, can I still send a postcard to your address in Turkey ? The stamp on this card is from a 2010 set of 6 issued for Winnie the Pooh. Thanks Leslie for this card.

The next card comes from South East Anglia, which is just north of London. It is a map of the British Isles, consisting of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are lots of map postcard collectors out there so I'm sure this card appeals to quite a few. The stamp is from a 201 set of 6 stamps , all showing railways from the steam era. A really great set that would look great in my collection. A nice stamp from a nice set, hey Ana ?

Card # 3 is from China. It appears to be a picture of a painting . I don't have a lot to say about it except that it kind of appeals to me. I see a number of boats moored off on choppy waters. The card was sent by a Postcrosser named Chen, who said this was his first card to Canada. He also mentioned that I was the oldest person he had sent cards to. I'm not sure how he knows this but if I am, I am. Chen used two copies of a 2002 bird definitive from a set of 3.

The final card for today is from the Netherlands. A postcrosser named Marleen sent it along. The card shows a print by the famous tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher, with the theme, Too Little Time. I leave it to my readers to figure it out. As often is the case with cards from The Netherlands, I show the stamp , but offer no comment.

That's it for this time and actually for the week. I will be in Moose Jaw , Saskatchewan until Sunday evening, visiting family. Take care.


David Langan said...

Hi Glenn, how come the card from Japan has stamps from China on the Postcard?

Leslie said...

Hi, Glenn! I'll email you with our UK address if I remember, but any mail sent to Turkey will be held for us, so that's okay, too!

And I could definitely get those railway stamps for you - I know my local post office has full sets - would you want them as mint stamps? Or sent on something? I don't know much about stamp collecting. :)

Enjoy Saskatchewan!

Gem from Calgary said...

To David,
THe card is actually from China. It was my mistake.It's good to know that my work is being read carefully enough to find my mistakes. Take care.

Gem from Calgary said...

To Leslie,
Hi and thanks for your comments. I may send off a card or two to you, either in Turkey or England, if you send that address. Re the railway stamps, I would like them mint , however I really don't want you to incur any big expense , if they are high value and expensive.Don't worry about it.
Take care and enjoy

Ana said...

yeah, that train stamp is a lovely one...I have the FDC...and im slowly collecting the stamp-postcards from the series as far, so good :)