Sunday, November 28, 2010

Four Cards and a Set of Stamps

Hello again. It's time for another update to showcase the cards that arrived Thursday and Friday. I also have a great set of stamps to have a look at , also. First though, the cards and they come from Slovakia, Germany, France and Italy. All four cards are from Postcrossers.

Slovakia- Martina's card shows us St. Elisabeth's Cathedral. Located in Kosice, it is Slovakia's biggest church as well as the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe. It was constructed between 1378 and 1508. Martina made an interesting comment about the stamps . She wrote that she had no power over what stamps would show up on the card. I guess one just drops the cards at the post office and hopes for the best. Not an idea that I would like ! The 2 stamps on the card are from a 2009 set of 11 definitives.

Germany- Nicole sent along this map card of Hameln, a town on the river Weser in Lower Saxony. It is also the gateway to the Weserbergland mountains. The town is famous for the folk tale of the Pied Piper of Hameln, a medieval story that tells of a tragedy that befell the town in the 13th century. Every Sunday in summer, the tale is performed by actors in the town centre. Nicole used 2 recent 2010 stamps. The one on the left was designed by Udo Lindenberg, a German rock musician. The other stamp is 1 of 2 Greeting stamps issued this year.

France- Nancy sent a great card showing the Roman theatre of Orange. It is still in use today , but with a new modern roof. Since 1969, only opera festivals have played here. In 1981 UNESCO declared the theatre a World Heritage Site. Nancy used a stamp from a Tourism set of 8 issued in 2009.

Italy- This card I leave to my readers for their interpretation and or thoughts. I don't have any. Nice stamps though, especially the large one , Italy's 2010 Christmas stamp. It depicts the famous Botticelli painting, " The Adoration of the Magi ".

Now I want to show a set of British stamps depicting different train engines from over the years. They were issued by Royal Mail on 19 August 2010. Just a wonderful set and they will be a great addition to my collection. Thanks go to Leslie for sending these stamps. Thank you very much, I appreciate your kindness. Also on the cover that contained the train stamps were a selection of definitives including a high value Machin, on the left.

That about does it for this time. Take care and leave a comment if you want.


Trevor said...

Nice Christmas stamps! That's one thing I always enjoy about this time of year.

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