Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Mixed Bag of Cards

I guess I'm one day late, it's Tuesday and not Monday. My cards for today are just cards, no theme, no new countries, just cards. But , that's what this blog is about, so I'm happy.

Card # 1 is from Croatia. It was sent by Roberto a Postcroser living in Pula. Roberto says Pula is 3000 years old and famous for the buildings built by Romans. One of these building is pictured on the card, it is the Pula Amphitheatre Arena. It is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC-68 AD. Roberto used 4 large stamps, 2 from 2008 and 2 from 2010. The 2 on the left, from 2008 are from a set of 5 featuring textile folk art. The 2 on the right are from a 2010 set of 3 featuring fruits. Thanks Roberto.Card # 2 is from Cayman Islands. The card shows an early morning beach scene in The Cayman Islands, B.W.I. The seafan attached to a coral rock , I think , would be a rare find. Sea fans are nocturnal sea animals that look more like plants than animals. Lisa of Christopher Columbus Condominium sent this card and she used a 2008 stamp from a set of 5 celebrating The Darwin Initiative. This one shows a Land Crab. Thanks Lisa.

Card # 3 , from Great Britain. Anna, another Postcrosser, living in The Yorkshire Dales, sent this card along. Anna's card shows Malham Cove, a curved crag of limestone formed after the last ice age. The crag is 80 metres high and 300 metres wide. Anna used a 67p Machin definitive , not shown. Thanks Anna.

Card # 4 , another St. Vincent card. Pictured on this card is Troumaka Bay and Falls of Baleine. The falls is on the northwestern tip of St. Vincent and is 18m high. The card is blank so I can't say who it's from. I do know though, they used 2 great stamps. I don't know the issue dates but as you see , they are great stamps just the same.

That's all folks , for this time. catch you next time.

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