Thursday, August 12, 2010

An A 16, In A Boat and Assumption Cathedral

Hello again, updating two days in a row. Who would have thought ?
I have 3 postcards to have a look at today. They come from Germany, Russia and Ukraine. First up is Germany.
The card is a reproduction of an old photo from around 1925 or so. It shows a pilot and maybe a few passengers in front of a Focke-Wulf A 16 in Bremen. The A 16 was a German 3-4 passenger monoplane designed by Heinrich Focke and Georg Wulf. An A 16 was first flown by Georg Wulf on 23 June 1924. Igor Adolph of the blog, Ansichtskarten and more, sent this card . He used a 2006 flower definitive and it has a special cancellation postmark that I can't really read.
Card # 2 is from Russia. It is also a reproduction , of a painting this time. Elena who sent the card, says it shows a painting called In A Boat , from 1888. I just know that I like it . She used a couple of nice Russian stamps. Usually , I mostly, receive definitives on the cards from Russia. These are a nice change. The small one is of course a definitive from the 2008 animal set of 15. The middle stamp if from 2009 and celebrates Antarctic research. The large stamp on the right is from 2010 and is 1 of 3 stamps in an Anton Chekhov souvenir sheet. I wouldn't mind having the complete souvenir sheet in my collection.
Today's final card comes to us from Kharkov, Ukraine. Kharkov is located in north-eastern Ukraine, near the junction of the Lopan and the Udy Rivers. Shown on the card is Uspenskyi (Assumption) Cathedral. This cathedral is at the site of a former cathedral which burned down in 1793. The bell tower, rising to a height of 89.5 m was built to commemorate the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. Sergey , who sent the card, unfortunately enclosed it in an envelope. Not really what I prefer. The cover was franked with a 2008 definitive from a set of 13 different values.

That is today's update. Thanks for dropping by and if you want to comment, feel free. Take care.

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