Saturday, July 10, 2010

Montreal, Lukang, Krakow and Other Stuff

Today's update will be a bit of a mishmash, a little postcards and a little stamps .
First off I want to show two cards from Montreal. I don't very often receive or show cards from my own country of Canada. I received these two cards from Levi, as the result of a private swap. Both cards show housing in Montreal, one in winter and one in summer. The winter scene is of St. Denis Street. Levi says the summer scene is from the St. Louis Quarter. Both appear to have fine grand old houses. Levi used the 2009 Mental Health Semi-Postal stamp on both cards.
Next is a card from Taiwan, Republic of China. The card shows a small museum in Lukang, in northwestern Taiwan. The town is probably best known for its many temples, over 200. I received this card from Peiling, a Postcrosser over that way. Peiling used a nice bird stamp from 2008 and a 2010 stamp from a set of 4 , featuring landscapes, a very nice set actually, a set that would be great in my collection. While looking up these stamps I found a number of Taiwan stamps that appealed to me. These included a set of 4 bridges and a set of 4 houses issued in 2010. In 2009 a set of 2 pandas and a souvenir sheet of 1 showing 2 pandas are quite nice and would find great homes in my collection. Oh well, one can always dream.

The final card ( in a stamped, posted kind of way ) is from Poland. It shows the main square in Krakow. Gosia sent the card and says that she spends a lot of time there, but it is never enough. She also writes that she has read this blog and had nothing but goods words about it. Thanks Gosia, I need all the encouragement I can get.
Now for the other stuff as mentioned in the title of this update.

I received a cover from Igor of . It contained two aircraft on postcard cards. They are both great additions to my collection. Only thing that might have made them better, would be if they had actually travelled through the mail as postcards. The cards show an Air Canada A319 decked out in its old livery of Trans Canada Air Lines. I have actually flown on this particular aircraft, so way to go Igor. The other is of an Airbus A300/600 St Beluga. If you have any heavy transporting to do, this is the one to call on. I saw this one on the ramp in Vancouver last year .
As I mentioned in an earlier update, I purchased a large lot of old postcards. Included were these two showing DC 3's at some airport in the U.S. Even though they show their age and appear to have been stuck in a book with tape, I do like the pictures and just wanted to show them. Sorry, to those who don't like airplanes.

Finally , I just want to show a few stamps that arrived in my mail the past week. The large lot from The Netherlands arrived on a letter from PostBeeld. I have often said when showing a postcard from The Netherlands that the stamps on them were almost always the same and quite boring. I guess I have to take that back and admit they have some nice and interesting stamps after all. I can only hope that the Postcrosser who draw my name for a postcard will send more interesting stamps. There, I've said it, now we wait to see how much trouble I get in with them. But note, I am cheering for The Dutch in tomorrow's World Cup Final. That should mean something.

And finally a couple of stamps from The U.S. I rather like the Katharine Hepburn stamp and the Hanukkah stamp.
That's it for today, like I said , a bit of a mishmash. Hope you enjoyed it all the same. If you did , let me know and if you didn't , let me know that , too. I enjoy getting commented.


Gulfmann Collection said...

Lukang is located in central
Taiwan, not northwestern Taiwan.

Trevor said...

I really like the picture of the Airbus Beluga. I haven't seen one of those before.