Monday, July 12, 2010

A Bird of Paradise, Nuns, Belarus Sights and a RAS Card

Here we go with another update.The first card that we have today is from Portugal. It shows a bird of paradise. A beautiful flower, indeed. This card was sent as a thank you card by a Postcrosser that I had sent an earlier card off to. Thanks Libanya. The stamp is from a 2009 set of 5 featuring city transports such as railways, tramways and automobiles.Card number 2- A black and white card showing 2 nuns looking at what might be a subway map. In my part of the world, one doesn't often see nuns in habit anymore. Christian of sent this card. According to his website his objective is to receive the largest amount of postcards. Good luck Christian and I wish you well. The stamp on this one is from 2009 and celebrates 50 years of the Asterix comic book series.
Next up is a card from Belarus. It shows some of the great sights of historic Belarus. Included are The Kosovo Palace, the castle ruins at Novogrudok and the palace at Ruzhany. I received this card through a private swap with Annie in Minsk. She has a postcard blog called Postcards From Far Away . Annie used 2 of 24 from a 2008 souvenir sheet of flowers and plants. The larger stamp, from 2009, is 1 of a set of 4 in a folklore souvenir sheet. Thanks Annie.

My last card for today is this rather large card from The Netherlands. It has the classic windmill along with what looks like millions of tulips. I certainly wasn't expecting this card. It is what is called a RAS card in the Postcrossing Forum. A Random Act of Smileness and that's exactly what it did. It put a big smile on my face knowing that someone just wanted to send me this card , along with the special stamps for my collection. Thanks Femke. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending this card and the great airplane stamps. They will be really great additions to my collection.

What more can I say.

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