Monday, July 19, 2010

Cairo, Prague, Helsinki, Philadelphia and Tucepi

Today's update title has the names of five cities , therefore I have five postcards to have a look at. The first card comes from Cairo, Egypt even though it showcases Sharm el-Sheikh. It's a city of 35,000 located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. It has often been called the City of Peace due to the large number of peace conferences that have been held there. Pictured on the card is Na' ama Bay, one of the more popular spots in the city for locals and tourists. Farah, a Postcrosser from Cairo, went out of her way to use as many commemoratives as possible . And she did well. The two top stamps were issued in 2010 and celebrate 50 years of The Aswan High Dam. The middle left stamp, also from 2010 commemorates The National Council for Women. The middle right stamp, from 2008 , commemorates 125 years of the Egyptian stock Exchange. The bottom left stamp celebrates the 75th Diamond Jubilee of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The bottom right stamp celebrates , I believe, Orphan's day. I apologize if this is incorrect. Thanks Farah

Next we have a card from Martin, a Postcrosser in Prague. His card shows a foggy Charles Bridge. The bridge over the Vltava River, is a stone Gothic bridge and one of Prague's sightseeing destinations. It is also one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. That certainly shows in the postcard. Construction of this bridge began in 1357. Starting in the 17th century, Baroque statutes , 30 in total, have been placed on either side of the bridge. Martin used 2 stamps, the larger on the left was issued in 2008 and celebrates the 2008 Beijing Paralympics . The other stamp was issued in 2004, it is 1 of a set of 2 highlighting trees. Thanks to Martin.

Now we have a very colorful card from Helsinki, Finland. The colors make for a really impressive picture of the Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral. This church was constructed during the late 1800's, (1862-1869). The stamp on this card comes from the 2009 Sauna Booklet of 5 different stamps.
Card number 4 is from Philadelphia, USA. It shows the Fairmount Water Works Restaurant and Lounge in Philadelphia. Julie, who sent this card along, says that this waterworks department was the 1st in America to supply an entire city with drinking water. Also of note is that in the background of the picture is the Art Museum where Rocky Balboa ran up the steps. Now the stamps. The American Kestral stamp is from1999, the Navajo jewelry from 2004, the polar bear 2009 and the Forever Liberty Bell stamp is from 2009. Thanks Julie for this.

The last card for this time is from Tucepi, Dalmatia, Croatia. Tucepi is a small town in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. It has a long history, dating back over four thousand years. Thanks to its glorious coastline, it has become a popular tourist destination. The stamp on the left and the one in the middle are from a 2007 set of 4 highlighting the architecture of cities. The stamp on the right is 1 of a set of 4 , issued 15 March 2010 for Croatian Ethnographic Heritage.

That is the update for today. I should be back again tomorrow. At this time I have three cards for tomorrow. see you then.

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