Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Boeing 747-400 and Two Other Cards

This is just a small update with a couple of cards. I actually haven't received many postcards this past week. Pickings have been slim.
I just have 3 cards to highlight today, from Malaysia, The U.S. and Taiwan, R.O.C. The first one, from Malaysia, is very similar to one I showed back on May 13th of this year. It is a picture of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400. It's another card for my Airlines on Postcards sub collection. This one is from Edna. She has sent me a number of cards and stamps in the past. Unfortunately , the 3 wonderful stamps on this card were obliterated with a red ink pen. I used to think that this type of cancellation was a Canadian or American phenomena , but now I see that it has reached international proportions. How very sad. As a longtime stamp collector, I can find no excuse for this horrendous action. I think it should be outlawed and the people responsible should themselves be canceled.

Now that I've had my say on that, let's move on to another card. It's from the U.S. and celebrates this national day, the Fourth of July. A nice reproduction of an old card. A Postcrosser named Smoochie from Wisconsin sent this card along. Smoochie used 3 Tiffany Lamp stamps from 2008 and a 14 Mile Woods airmail rate stamp , also from 2008.

The last card is from Taiwan , R.O.C. Another Postcrosser, Adia, sent this card . It shows the train station in Fen Chi Hu . Many years ago, Fen Chi Hu was a major center for railway maintenance and repair. Sadly, Adia used a postage machine label as postage, so no stamp to show for this one. I am glad that this doesn't happen very often on my postcards.

Now before I go, just one more little bit of complaining. While I am glad to receive and look forward to any postcard, quite a few lately have been the dreaded multi view card. I think I am really starting to dislike them. It's just that the many views on them are sometimes too small to really appreciate and I feel if a place warrants a postcard, then by all means show it, and not jam it up in the top right corner or the bottom left corner. Enough about multi views.

Here's hoping all readers take time to have a look at the top left side of this blog, showing the countries from which I still need a mailed, stamped postcard. If you have any contacts in these countries , I would certainly appreciate your help .

Take care. No mail, no postcards tomorrow, here in Canada. We are celebrating Labour day, a holiday that originated in Canada in the 1870's. A National Holiday, Labour Day is celebrated by our Post Office , so the next mail won't be until Tuesday.

Comments welcome.


Ana said...

hmm, no multiviews....ok, its better to know that late than never :)

hopefully the single view coming will make it up for all the mutliviews i had not sure how many have been so far though....
In general, i prefer single to multi views...can make a story out of it...but im still ok with both, and havent come to dislike multi views...yet :D

have a great week ahead! we have two non-working days here (though not me)...funny thing is, the national holiday is on Tuesday, but the Balkan mentality would do anything to find an excuse why to connect the weekend with Tuesday and make Monday non-working too....if it happened once a year or twice, it wouldnt have been bad...but it happens every single wonder we cant prosper...

ok...that was a bit off-topic...but just came to my mind


rightly said, the people who use ball point pens on stamps at the post office should themselves be cancelled.A lot of trickery goes on in the postal sorting section