Monday, August 31, 2009

August Postcard Report

Well, the end of August has arrived. I didn't receive any new postcards today, so I guess it's time for my monthly report. During August, I received a total of 33 postcards , and 24 of them were through Postcrossing. I mailed out 36 cards and 30 of them were to fellow Postcrossers. I did not receive a single postcard from any new country in my collection. August is the first month since Nov of 2008 , and only the 5th month since I started collecting in March of 2006, that I did not receive a card from a new country. Hopefully I will fare better in September.
That's all for tonight and for this month.


Riccardo Amarante said...

Hello Glenn,
thnks a lot my friend, now I will try to ask a card or cover from Little Diomede...I hope to be lucky once more.


Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog on stamps!!
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