Thursday, August 13, 2009

Small Update before Vacation Again

I am just getting a small update in today , before another small vacation. I am leaving tomorrow morning and won't be back until the evening of August 20th. I will be in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for a week. My plans , while there , include sending a few postcards from this small, 100 year old city . Just one card to shown today. It is from postcardkris in Alaska. Kris used the 2003 10 cent American Clock definitive and the 72 cent 2008 13 Mile Woods airmail rate stamp. The card shows a reproduction of a Lisa Rogers original watercolor entitled Alaskan Float Plane. Another great addition to my aircraft on postcards collection. Thanks Kris, appreciate it.

Now , I have to send another huge Thank You out to Bev and Jannick. They live on Guernsey, in the Channel Islands. Jannick is a young Postcrosser, who gets help from his mom , Bev with Postcrossing . Jannick has sent me a few postcards and I have sent a few to him. On my return from vacation last week I was delighted to find an envelope from them. It contained a beautiful mint set of 6 stamps from Guernsey. It was the Europa Astronomy 400th Anniversary of the Telescope issue. Just a wonderful addition to my stamp collection. Thank you Bev and Jannick. Enjoy this set, readers.


nnnnnn said...

tough life eh!! did I send you the Temora avaition postcards??? memory fading with old age :-)

Gem from Calgary said...

Hey Michael,
Negative on the Temora postcards.

ShrikantModh said...

Do you have cover or postcard from India, I would like to exchange

Mail me

nnnnnn said...

Glen, Ok.. when get back to Sydney will find something to send you.. big surprise... apology for not sending already.. M