Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lord Howe Island, Oregon, Humpback Whales and More

I have a number of nice cards to show today. My first card is from Lord Howe Island, Australia. Lord Howe Island is a small island in the Tasman Sea, about 600 km east of Australia. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage site list in 1982 in recognition of its unique beauty. Lord Howe Island is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in the Pacific. Not too shabby a claim. The island's permanent population is around 350. The card was mailed on September 03, 2009 and shows Lord Howe Island from above . It was sent by Michael of cddstamps. I have to be honest here and admit that I had never heard of Lord Howe Island until I read about in on Michael's blog, cddstamps on stamps. About 2 weeks after reading about the island , I find this wonderful card in my mailbox. It is the same card as Michael showed on his blog, that he mailed to himself. I think now that Lord Howe Island will be added to my to see list, when I do finally make that once in a lifetime trip to Australia. Be sure to check out Michael's blog at . He also has another great blog, cddstamps on aircraft & aerophilately at . Michael used a 2009 stamp from a set of 4 featuring young jungle animals , in this case the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. Thanks to michael for this great card from a great place.

Today's second card comes from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. It is from Postcrosser Eugenia, who was celebrating her 4th wedding anniversary as she was writing out this card. Happy anniversary to you, Eugenia and to your husband. Hope you had a wonderful dinner. This is an amazing card showing Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock, at 235 feet high, is the world's third largest freestanding coastal monolith. This is a popular tourist destination and the rock is accessible by foot during low tide. I can attest to its beauty, having driven down the Oregon coast to California a few years back and did indeed spend some time at this location. Eugenia's card brings back some wonderful memories of a great trip. Thanks Eugenia.

Now we have a card showing humpback whales. It's from another Postcrosser, living in Quincy, Ma, U.S.A. The humpback whale is a Baleen whale. The adult humpback averages in length from 12-16 meters and weighs approximately 36,000 kilograms. The worldwide count of humpbacks is still around 80,000. This card, from Mary, has a number of recent U.S. definitives along with a 2009 Mississippi flag stamp, from the 3rd issue of 10 stamps.

My last card today is from Italy and advertises the 49th International Boat Show- Salone Nautico, which will be held in Genoa, Italy from the 3rd to 11th of October, 2009. Over 1600 exhibitors and 2300 boats , ranging from a simple dinghy to 45 meter yachts , will be on display. This card was posted from Naples by Vincenzo, another Postcrosser. I like the slogan on the card , located bottom right. THE TOWN, THE SEATY.

I think that's about it for today. Take care . More in a day or two , along as the postman cooperates.


nnnnnn said...

Hi Glenn, thanks for write up.. took a while to reach you :-) and the postmark is one of the few in Australia that has a picture on it.. very scare I am told

More surprises to come.. when I get my act together :-)

best wishes.. Michael

bathmate said...

good posting.i like it. thank u. :)-