Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Montenegro, U.S.A, Russia and Australia

After last week's low of two cards, I am happy to report things have picked up . Yesterday I received five postcards. I will be showing just four of them here today.

First up is a card from Montenegro. Ana sent this card showing Lake Crno , located on Mt. Durmitor. This lake is a glacial lake on an altitude of 1413 m in northern Montenegro. It is a huge tourist area in the Durmitor area. Ana was on her second trip there this summer. Lucky her. Ana used two great stamps on the card. The top stamp was issued in 2007 and shows the importance of protecting nature. The bottom stamp from 2006 commemorates Ivo Visin, the first Croatian and only the sixth sailor in the world to repeat what Magellan did- sailing around the world. Be sure to check out Ana's postcard blog, My World of Postcards , at http://thewholeworldatyourhands.blogspot.com, it's a great one.

Today's second card comes from Alaska, U.S.A. Kris sent it along, as he knows that I have a aircraft on postcard collection. It's an old card , at least 50 years old, that he found in a garage sale. It shows the Flight Line at Bainbridge Air Base, Bainbridge , Georgia, U.S.A. Bainbridge Air Base operated from 1942 to 1944. It later reopened in 1951 and operated until 1961. Thanks Kris, it's a great card. Kris, known as Postcardkris, has a postcard blog called Post Card Images: 100 Years of Life, Love and Mystery at http://postcardkris.blogspot.com . Give it a look , it's a great blog. Kris used 3 stamps including a 2009 playing card stamp, a 2007 Tiffany definitive and a 2007 First Class rate stamp.

Next is a card from St. Petersburg, Russia. The card is from Svetlana, a Postcrosser, and it shows The Palace Bridge with a view of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The fortress was founded on May 27, 1703. From 1721 onwards it housed the city's garrison and served as a high security political jail. Some of its famous residents were Dostoyevsky, Gorky, Trotsky, and Lenin's older brother Alexander. Svetlana used stamps from a 2008 definitive set of 15.

My last card today is from Australia. It is a beautiful view of Lake Pedder, in South West Tasmania. Lake Pedder is a sparkling gem set amongst the magnificent mountains and rain forests of South West Tasmania. The card is from Joanna, a 7 year old Postcrosser. Joanna used a very beautiful stamp, a 1986 issue for horse racing, 1 of 4. The other stamp is from 2007 and was issued for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

A rather nice group of postcards. As always , don't be shy , leave a comment if you have one.
See you tomorrow.


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