Monday, July 13, 2009

Couple of Postcards, a Cover and a set of Stamps

Hello there, before getting to the postcards and stuff, I just want to welcome a new follower of this blog, An Africanist. Hope you can visit many times , leave a comment if you choose.
Today's first card is from The Netherlands. It is an aerial view of a section of Utrecht. This city is the fourth largest city of the Netherlands.The card is from Naomi, a Postcrosser and student in Utrecht. She used 3 stamps from a booklet of 10, issued in 2007 featuring Dutch products.
The next card is from Finland. It shows a beautiful looking bridge and sunset, in Viitasaari. This is a small town in northern Central Finland. The 2009 census gives it a population of 7,288. This card, also sent by a Postcrosser, has a great stamp on it, showing the planet Saturn and its rings. It is from a 2 stamp set of Europa stamps , issued in 2009 .
The next 2 cards are the last of my series from Norfolk Island. They show various sences on the island. These cards and the others that I showed earlier are just a beautiful set of postcards.
The cover that I am showing is from Doha, Qatar. It has a couple of really great stamps on it , but the good stuff was inside. It contained a set of 4 stamps , issued in 2008 and entitled Souq Waqif. They are supposed to show streetlife and they certainly do. This cover and the set of stamps is from Trevor, a Canadian living in Qatar. He reads this blog and sent a postcard earlier. Thanks very much Trevor for this wonderful set of stamps They will be a great addition to my stamp collection.
I have one more item to mention today. As I write this on the 13th, July 14th is the 4 year anniversary of Postcrossing. If you like postcards, give it a try. You will receive postcards from all over the world. Check it out at .

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

Just wanted to let you know that I received your postcard yesterday. Great shot of the Saddledome, and nice Olympic stamps!

Enjoy the Souq Waqif stamps. Have a great summer!


An Africanist said...

Hello Glenn,
Thanks for such a beautiful site. IT is really inspiring, keep it up!
I sent off a card to you today from Trinidad, hope it reaches you soon and safe.
Best, Matthew (Africanist)

Philatino said...

Hi Glenn,
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We have postcards too!
Sorry If you aren't buying at this moment, but you can always enjoy our beautiful stamps!
Thank you for your attention Glenn!

Ana Galanzovski.

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