Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cards From Ana

I have had no mail since last Wednesday. There is a valid reason for this, but I won't go into it at this time. Hopefully I should start receiving mail again tomorrow or at least on Thursday. But all is not lost , I have two great cards for today. They are both from Ana of Macedonia. She was on vacation and dropped a couple of cards in the mail for me. Thanks Ana. You are the best postcard trader that I have come across in my three years of collecting. You have sent me quite a number of cards and also stamps over those three years.First up is a card from Montenegro. Posted in Budva, the card is a multi view of different Montenegrin places. Ana used a definitive stamp from a set of 4 issued in 2007 on this card. Her second card is from Bosnia and Herzegovina . It shows the famous Mostar bridge over the Neretva River. A very nice picture, indeed. A great stamp was used , also. It is one of two issued in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics.
A short but sweet update tonight. And all thanks to Ana.


Ana said...

heeey, they arrived!!! hehehe!
i was a bit worried, especially about the second one, but im so happy to see it here!
I really like it how Montenegro in general makes really clear cancellations, and good to see that both stamps on the card survived :)

you are more than welcome for everything...and thanks for the kind words and an all-dedicated-to-me post :)

Fritz von Runte said...


I couldn't find an email adress to reach you.

I'd like to show you my website, about postcards and travelling in Europe.


I'm sure you guys at Gem's World Postcards get a kick out of it.