Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cards From Istanbul, Herm Island, Long Island and Norfolk Island

My cards today are from Istanbul, Turkey and from a number of islands, as noted in the title of today's update. First up is the card from Istanbul. It shows a part of the skyline of the city. On the left is Yeni Mosque, built in the early to mid 1600's and on the right is Suleymaniye Mosque , built in the 1550's. Quite an impressive view. This card is from Leslie, who has a blog entitled ' the postcard blog' at . Leslie used 2 stamps. The smaller one underneath the larger one was issued in 2008 and is 1 of a set of 8 definitives. Unfortunately , I couldn't find any info on the larger stamp. Thanks Leslie , I appreciate this swap.

The next two cards are from Herm Island. Herm is the smallest of the Channel Islands open to the public. It is not part of the U.K. but is in the Baliwick of Guernsey. In 2002 its population was 60.Both cards were sent by Jannick who lives in Guernsey, but was visiting Herm. The first card shows Shell Beach. Jannick used a 2009 Alderney stamp, one of a set of six featuring Honey Bees. Alderney is the most northerly of the Channel Islands and a part of the Baliwick of Guernsey.
Jannick's second card shows a number of views of Herm Island Puffins. On this card he used just a wonderful stamp from Guernsey , issued this current year, 2009. It is 1 of a set of 6 issued for Astronomy. My stamp celebrates the 400th anniversary of the telescope. The 6 stamps in this set are just great and are a set that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. Thanks Jannick for these cards and these great stamps. Perhaps we can swap or trade again.

Now for a card from America. Karen, a Postcrosser sent this card from Long Island , New York. It is a card showing Montauk Point Lighthouse. Located at the most easterly tip of Long Island, the tower stands 108 feet and overlooks the Atlantic. The Montauk Lighthouse was authorized to be constructed in 1795 by President George Washington. It was completed in 1797 at a cost of $22,300. Thanks Karen.

And now one more of my Norfolk Island cards. This one has a number of views of the Island. On top is Gallows gate and Anson Bay. On bottom is Salthouse and sunset at Poppys Point with the great Norfolk Pine. The stamp is another in the Mosaics series issued in 2009.

All in all , a pretty nice bunch of cards. Thanks to all who sent them.

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