Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Small Update Today

Just a small update for today with 2 postcards. The first card is from China , PRC and was sent by Zhoufan of Fujian. He has a blog entitled Tian ya's Blog at . Give it a look. The postcard shows an island , but as to what the words underneath mean, I have no idea.
Zhoufan used 2 stamps , the large one was issued in 2001 and commemorates Mount Lionhan. The smaller green stamp was issued in 2001 also and was issued for the environment . Thanks Zhoufan.

The other card is from Switzerland. It was sent by Postcrosser Judit. The scenes on the card show a typical Swiss town. In the top left picture is a yellow mailbox and according to Judit, this is where this card started its journey. She used 2 different stamps on the card. One is a 2007 issue showing a bird. It was part of a set of 4 bird stamps. The other stamp from 2002, again from a set of 4, featured insects and butterflies. Thanks Judit.
That's it for today. Keep posting those postcards, especially if you want to see your card online here.

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