Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Card From Irag

As my first featured postcard, I want to show a card that I received from Iraq. It shows a map of Iraq and to the right, The stamp of Naboukhaz Naser, according to the description on the back. It was sent to me by a British reporter , based at the time in Baghdad, Iraq. The postmarks are varied, with a date of June 27 on one, and June 28 on another, which reads, Ordinary Post Iraq. The final 2 postmarks are unreadable. The three stamps on the card are all the same, the 500 Dinars value from the 2003 Ancient Transportation set. It was quite something to receive a card from Iraq, since at the time, I was told that there wasn't an operating Post Office and also that there were not any actual stamps , issued.

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