Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day post

I received 3 postcards on Christmas Eve. Two of them were from new countries for me, #170 and 171. These cards were from Cook Islands and Turkmenistan. The 3rd card was from French Polynesia. The Cook Islands and Fr Polynesia cards were both sent to me by Bob Lamb. He was traveling in that area and was good enough to drop me a couple of cards. Thanks Bob. The Cook Islands card shows an aerial view of the island of Aitutaki, and it looks just great. The stamp Bob used was the 90c value of a 2007 set of 30 definitives featuring local wildlife.

The French Polynesia card shows a very nice and quiet scene from Tahiti. It also shows a signpost on the beach showing distances to many world cities. The stamp on the card is a140f value from a set of 3 issued in 2007 featuring Heiva, a famous Tahiti cultured event., held every July. Heiva is the Tahitian word for festival.

The final card , from Turkmenistan was sent by Evan who lives in Ashgabat. The card shows was appears to be a very sandy desert area. This card
was issued by The State Committee of Turkmenistan For Tourism and Sport. The stamps on the card are non-denominated , but carry a letter to show their postal rate. The G stamp is a 2003 issue marking Independence Day.The A stamp shows what looks like a family of Leopards, but I couldn't locate anymore information about it.

All in all, I guess 3 postcards on Christmas Eve was a pretty good Christmas gift for 2007.

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