Sunday, December 23, 2007

Card From A Cold Land

I'm showing a card today, that I was very happy to receive. I think it is one of the best card in my collection, maybe not for the picture on it, but from where it was sent. The card is from Antarctica, British Antarctic Territory, in fact. The postmark reads, British Antarctic Territory, Halley. Halley Base is located on The Brunt Ice Shelf on the mainland of Antarctica. Halley is located at Lat 75 degrees 35 minutes S, Lon 26 degrees 34 minutes W and is occupied year round. Summer time it has about 70 persons and in winter 15 or 16. This base has been occupied since 15 Jan 1956. The stamp on the card is the 46p value from a 2005 issued set or 4. The one used here shows the winning design for new base buildings. . Thanks to Alex Gough for this card.

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