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A Few Cards From Ravindra

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Hello once again.
I'm back this time with a selection of cards sent by Ravindra from Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand. First up is a card showing the Dutch Reformed Church in  Galle, Sri Lanka. Built in 1755 it is the oldest Protestant church still in use in the country. 

     Ravindra used 3 stamps from 2022, a set of 3 issued for the Vesak Festival   .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Card # 2 is from Thailand. It shows an opium caravan from years ago. The card is from a museum called  The House of Opium, in the Golden Triangle .   This small museum features historical displays pertaining to the opium culture. Exhibits include implements used in the planting, harvesting, use and trade of opium, including pipes, weights and scales. 


The 2 stamps are from a souvenir sheet of 15 issued in 2023.


My next card , from Sri Lanka, provides a look at Adam's Peak. This is a 2,243 m tall conical sacred mountain in central Sri Lanka. It is well known for the Sri Pada, a 1.8 m rock formation near the summit. The Sri Pada is a hollow that is 170 cm long and 46 cm  that resembles the print of a human foot.

                     Ravindra used an abundance of stamps on this card. The top four are from a 2020 set of 10 highlighting World Wetlands Day , Feb 2, 2020. The bottom stamp was issued in 2010 commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the Royal College in  Colombo.   


Here's another from Ravindra, this one mailed from Singapore. It shows a gentleman practising the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy, even in high-tech Singapore. 

This card arrived with 2 copies of a stamp , from a set of 5 issued in 2011 for the 20th Anniversary of the World Orchid Conference. 

Here is Ravindra's last card, not really his last, but last for this time. And I see from it , that he has a big trip starting soon. Canada, Alaska, Los Angeles, even a great train trip in Canada. 

On this card we see a few Vedda, Aborigines of Sri Lanka. The Vedda are a minority indigenous group in Sri Lanka. Some say the Vedda were probably the earliest inhabitants of the country. 


This card arrived with 2 nice stamps. The top stamp, from 2024, was issued to commemorate 50 years of Ensuring Rights and Choices for All. The Bird stamp is from a set of 6 Endemic Birds issued in 2021.

As Porky Pig always said, " That's all , folks". 

Big thanks and all thanks go to Ravindra for today's card. Enjoy your train trip, cruise and holiday. Travel safe. 

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