Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A Hong Kong Junk, Air Europa, Bruges, Sibenik, Notre Dame , Rathlin Island Puffins and a Public Warning

                              Blog # 1595 --- Day  566 of the Current  ( Second ) Russian Invasion of Ukraine

                                                                      GLORY TO UKRAINE       

 Yes I have been away from my blog for quite some time now. I have had some technical problems and as my wife knows , I am not a technical person. I managed to cobble things back in a somewhat working order and hopefully I can get through and put up something to read and look at. It's not 100 percent yet but I hope to get there soon. 

I have received many cards since my last entry here. They arrived from from many countries, sent by many wonderful people, including Ana, Dominique, Barbara, Jean Pierre, Robert, Josep & Assumpta, Michi, David, Meelis, and Henning, along with a large group of Postcrossers.  Don't worry, I will post your cards on The Blog eventually. 

Now on to postcards. First is this night view of Sibenik, Croatia showing St. Michael's Fortress high atop the hill and Sibenik Cathedral over on the far right. The cathedral , known as St. Jacob's Cathedral was inducted to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 2000. The city of around 35,000 is located on the Adriatic coat of the country. Three episodes of the fifth season of Game of Thrones were filmed in the city. Another interesting fact about Sibenik  -- On August 28, 1895 the city became the world's first city with alternating current-powered street lights.  

Ana used a 2020 stamp from a set of 3 showing Natural Wonders of Croatia. 

My next card is from France and shows Notre Dame Cathedral on a good day before the fire of 2019. Work appears to be progressing well and it is scheduled to start welcoming visitors again in December  2024. Let's hope so. 

 Dminique used a stamp from this year. It features Madam de la Fayette, French writer. She authored La Princesse de Cleves, France's first historical novel and on of the earliest novels in all literature. 

My next card is from Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. The island is Northern Ireland's northernmost point and had a population of 141 in 2021. David's card  shows the island's puffins. Between April and August Rathlin Island is home to Northern Ireland's largest colony of Atlantic Puffins. 

David used 2 stamps from the 2023 set of 10 showcasing River Wildlife. 

A likeness of a 1915 British poster with a public warning is the subject of Barbara's card.  It compares British and German aircraft and gives advise on what to do if you spot any of them. I guess that was a good way to communicate during the first war. 

Barbara used 2 stamps from a 2023 minisheet of 9 , called The Journey to the Moon. 

It's time for an Airline/Aircraft card. Here we have an Air Europa Airbus A340, registered as EC-JGU, on the tarmac in Madrid in 2006. This aircraft was originally delivered to Air France in Oct 1993. Then it saw service with Ait Tahiti Nui in Nov 1998, Air Bourbon in May 2003, Air Europa in Apr 2005 and finally ConViasa in Mar of 2007. Since then EC-GGU has been stored a number of times in 2013, 2014, 2015-2020  and finally 2022 to the present. 

Jean Pierre used a Spanish stamp from 2006. It was issued for the Sanlucar de Barrameda Horse Race. 

The wonderful city of Bruges is showcased on this next card. Actually it's the Rosary Quay - perhaps the most photographed place in the city. Located on a sharp bend of the Dijver Canal it offers the best view in Bruges. 

    Josep and Assumpta used King Philippe World stamp on their card.

Here's the last card for today. It arrived from Hong Kong. It's a great view of a Junk, the traditional three-masted  wooden boat with red sails. 

 Henning used 2 stamps , both issued in 2022. The smaller, shorter one is 1 of 6 showcasing Local Snacks of Kong Kong. The longer stamp is 1 of 6 in a unique minisheet issued for The Hong Kong Palace Museum. I think the minisheet is one I want to add to my collection. 


That's all for today. Thanks to Josep and Assumpta, Ana, Dominique, Barbara, Jean Pierre and Henning for the great cards and great stamps. 

FYI - my next update will definitely be sooner than later.  Take care.

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