Sunday, March 5, 2023

Belgium Cards Plus Singapore

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Hello again. I know it is time I was back here but I had to wait for cards to arrive. I now have a few, enough to put up a blog update. The first three are from Belgium and were all sent by Johan. 

This first card says that Brussels is the Capital of Art Nouveau for 2023. Brussels is preparing a year long program full of initiatives in the region for 2023. And why 2023 you might ask . Because it is exactly 130 years after the construction of Hotel Tassel by Victor Horta in 1893 and that is considered the very first Art Nouveau building in the world. Brussels is home to more than 1,000 Art Nouveau buildings. I guess Brussels is Art Nouveau !

Johan used a really cool stamp on this card. It is 1 of 5 issued in a beautiful minisheet showing five wonderful Art Nouveau pieces from Brussels. 

Card # 2 from Johan . Here we see a new portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Mathilde, on the occasion of her turning 50 . She was born on 20 Jan 1972 in Uccle, Belgium. She married Prince Philippe in 1999 and became Queen Consort in 2013 after King Albert ll abdicated.   


Another nice stamp on this card. It is a recent picture and celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Mathilde. 

Card # 3 - This card has a view of the Spa Francorchamps racetrack . This 7,004 meter motor racing circuit in Stavelot, Belgium is the current venue of the Belgian F1 Grand Prix. The first one was held her in 1925. 

Once again here is a stamp from a minisheet of 5. The sheet shows Great Spas of Europe  - in Belgium.

Now here is a card that was not sent by Johan and is not from Belgium. It is indeed from Singapore. Shown is a sunset view at Merlion Park with the Singapore Flyer over to the right. 

Jonathan used a 2022 stamp, 1 of 5 in a set celebrating the Childrens Museum of Singapore. 


   There you have it. That is the update for this time. Thanks for cards today go out to Johan and Jonathan.  Take care now. 

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