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Cards From Jean Pierre Only

In my last bog I showed  cards from a number of regular contributors . I left out one of those contributors on purpose. I have received so many cards from Jean Pierre this last while, I felt a blog of his cards alone would be the right thing. So here we go

First though, I want to show this great cover I received from Jakarta, compliments of Jean Pierre. The set of 4 stamps are from this year and celebrate Indonesian Festivals. Great First Day of Issue cancellation on the stamps.

Here's today's first card and surprise, surprise  , it's an aviation themed card.  Here we have a Royal Jordanian Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.   Registered as JY-AGA. It was first delivered to Royal Jordanian in September of 1981. It remained in their fleet until July of 1999 when it went in service with Amerian Trans Air. It was stored in 2002 and later broken up .

The large blue stamp is 1 of 4 in a Minisheet issued in 2018 . It commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The smaller stamp on the left, I wrote about in my last blog, so I'll leave it at that.

Today's second card is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It's a partial look at the Burg Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel. Set on an island in a striking sail shaped building this hotel has a man made beach, an infinity pool terrace and the world's tallest atrium. It is close to Wild Wadi Water Park and Mall of the Emirates.

The stamp is from 2017, from a set of 7 issued for International Year of Sustainable Tourism.

Nice circular cancel.

Here's another Airline / Aircraft postcard. This time it is Malindo Air, founded in September of 2012. It is a Malaysian airline owned by Indonesian Lion Air Group. The airline operates to 65 destinations with 800 flights a week. The aircraft shown on the card is a Boeing 737-900 ER. Aircraft 9M-LNL is 6.2 years old and was delivered to the airline in September of 2013.

The 2 Aviation related theme stamps were issued in 2018 to showcase Air Transport.

One more card from Indonesia. This one shows some of the 72 stupas found at Borobudur. The temple dates from the 9th century. The 72 stupas surround the main temple. Each has a Buddha statue seated inside the perforated structure. Borobudur was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. It is the biggest Buddhist monument in the world.

The stamp used here is in a souvenir sheet, issued in 2018. It showcases a Tourism Festival.

Next up is Lot Polish Airlines. This time in a dual livery - the top half of the aircraft is in Lot Polish livery and the bottom half is in an older Malaysia Airlines livery. This McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 was leased from Malaysia Airlines  from June  1994 until October 1994. The picture on the card is from July 1994 at Zurich.
Aircraft 9M-MAT was delivered to Malaysia Airlines in September of 1977 and flew for various airlines for 29.5 years. It met its final fate - scrapped - in 2007.

Jean Pierre used 2 stamps from 2019 on this card. On the left is 1 from a minisheet of 4 featuring Polish Clematis. On the right , a stamp commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First Silesian Uprising.

Here's another card from Indonesia - this time a look at the Smokey Volcano . Mount Merapi, at 2910m, is an active volcano in central Java.  It has been erupting off and on since 1548. The last time was in May 2018.

A nice selection of stamps arrived on this card. They were issued in 2019 as part of a Flora and Fauna set of 6. I think I received the best 3. The 3 not shown are trees.

Another card from Indonesia - another DC-10-30 Aircraft card- this time PK-GIE of Garuda International. Delivered to Garuda in July of 1977 this aircraft flew for them for just over 18 years until Jun 1996 when it met its untimely demise at FUK Airport. On June 13, 1996 PK-GIE crashed at Fukuoka , Japan on takeoff after engine failure. Takeoff was aborted and the aircraft came to a stop some 800 m off the end of the runway. The aircraft was destroyed in the resulting fire. Of the 275 souls on board 3 suffered fatal injuries in the accident.

Two nice Elephant stamps from 2015 on this card. They are from a set of 4.

Did someone say Indonesia ? Here's the last one from there for this time. It's a look at City hall in Surakarta. This city in Central Java has a population of just over 500,000 but add in the metro area and the populations jumps to 3.6 million. It is the birthplace of the current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.

The stamp here is from 2017 and was issued in a minisheet of 1 for Environmental Care.

From Indonesia, next stop is Thailand. This A320 if from Thai Air Asia . It is registered as HS-ABD and is 11.8 years old. The picture shows it landing at Phuket in 2011. As I write this is has just flown from Hat Yai to Bangkok. The livery on the card was a special " Truly Asean " color scheme  used from Oct 2009 to Jan 2014.

Jean Pierre used a nice Lighthouse stamp from 2019. It is 1 of 4 in the set. The definitive on the left is 1 of 12 in a set issued in 2018 featuring King Rama X.

Changi Airport Singapore is the subject of my next card. Changi Airport has been rated " Best Airport in the World " by Skytrax for seven consecutive years since 2013. It was opened 29December 1981.

Two stamps on this one. On the left , from 2013, 1 of 10 in the Vanishing Trades set.
On the right, from 2019, a Traditional Entertainment , Puppet Show stamp.

Just two more cards to go, so hang in there.
This one is the last Airline / Aircraft card for this time. It's a Lot Polish Boeing 737-500, SP-LKA. At just over 27 years old, it has flown for Lot Polish, Rwandair and Air North here in Canada.

The Bird stamp used is a Europa issue featuring National Birds. It was issued this year.

And the last card is from Bangkok, Thailand. A beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok City.

A number of stamps arrived on this card. On the left is a King Rama X definitive stamp from 2018. Next is a Vesak Day stamp
from this year. The next 2 are Lighthouse stamps , also from 2019.

Well this one has finally come to an end. I hope you stayed until the end, if not you missed some fine cards and stamps.
Big Thanks for all these cards going out to Jean Pierre. Who knew you could get so much mail from one person from all around the world ?
Take care and check in again soon.

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