Monday, May 20, 2019

Victoria Day 2019

BLOG # 1004

Hello again, Happy Victoria Day to all the Canadians reading and Happy Monday to all the others. Yes today is Victoria Day , a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 24, in honour of Queen Victoria's Birthday. Usually we always see Queen Victoria as that old lady sitting in her chair with a long veil on the back of her head. Here's a postcard to show that she was indeed a younger lady in her day.

Victoria Day is informally considered the beginning of the summer season in Canada. I just wish someone had informed the weather department that this is the case. I am so tired of the rain and cold temperatures . It's going to be a short summer for sure.
Victoria Day has been observed in Canada since at least 1845.

Today I have five cards to highlight and none have any connection to Queen Victoria. So here goes.

This first card is a partial view of Lake Constance. This is a 63 km long central European lake that borders Germany , Austria , and Switzerland. As you can see, boating is quite popular on the lake. It's also possible to have a sightseeing flight aboard a Zeppelin around the lake if you have lots of euros. I think that would be cool.

Dominique used a stamp from last year, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of St. Peter's Cathedral in Worms.

My second card is from Orenburg, a city in southwest Russia. It shows a monument of Yuri Dolgorukiy on Tverskaya Street, Moscow. He was a Rurikid prince and ruled as the Grand Prince of Kiev. Yuri is considered the Founder of Moscow and his monument was erected in 1954.

Viko used a number of the 2009 Russian definitives which I don't usually show anymore, as we've all seen them many, many times. You see them this time , only because of the interesting way they are applied to the card.

Marilyn Monroe . What can I say about her that hasn't been said already ? Not a lot, I think. This postcard shows her posing for photographers while filming the subway grate scene in Manhattan. It's from the 1954 film Seven Year Itch.

Lorraine used the 2018 Global Forever Airmail stamp featuring a Poinsettia.

The Heritance Tea Factory Hotel is the subject of this next card. It is the most unique, highest located hotel in Sri Lanka. It is 1988 meters above sea level.

 This card is a little unique , in that it is from Sri Lanka but not from Ravindra. Thanks to Jobbo for this one. Jobbo used a 2016 Flowers of Sri Lanka stamp, 1 of 16 in the set.

It's time for today's last card. It arrived from France and is one more for my Airline / Aircraft card collection. This time it's an Air Atlantique ATR. 42 at Cherbourg Airport. Registered as F-GIIA this aircraft is one of the oldest ATR's ever built, in 1986. Her first flight was on 06/06/1986. Before this ATR 42 was F-GIIA, she was in service with Air Caladonia and Pan Am Express as F-ODGM.
Then in 1992 she was acquired by Air Atlantique as F-GIIA. In '97 she saw service at Air Gabon , in '99 it was back to Air Atlantique as F-GPIA. In 2004  she was stored at LBG - Paris Le-Bourget. In 2007 she was converted to a freighter for Arkas SA of Colombia. She met her demise in March of 2012 when she was scrapped. Quite a history indeed.

Jean Pierre used a stamp from the 2012 set of 12 , called Planetary Correspondences. A nice set for sure.

So ends my Victoria Day blog. Thanks for cards today go out to Dominique, Viko, Lorraine, Jobbo and Jean Pierre. This blog wouldn't happen without people like you, so thanks again. Take care, drop in again soon.

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