Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cards That Arrived in July

Howdy again - I can say that now , now that Stampede's over. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was a Stampede bandwagoner. This year's Stampede was a great success, huge crowds , and  outstanding weather. One of the good ones for sure.

Now on to the postcards - some that I have received this current month. Let's start with one from Russia. This one shows a fine deer in a flowering field. That's a fine rack indeed - hey , I can say that here.

This card arrived from a Postcrosser named Tanya. She used a nice World Cup stamp issued this year. It is from a really nice set of 8.

Speaking of Postcrossing - This wonderful postcard club just celebrated its 13th  Anniversary on July 14th. Here are the big numbers - 728,000+ members, in 217 countries and 47,723,156 postcards received to date. Congratulations !

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is the focus of my second card. This railroad started in 1882 and has continuously operated steam locomotives on its 72.7 km of tract between Durango and Silverton.  The card shows Locomotive 743 northbound through the Animas Canyon entering Elk Park.


Ray used a large selection of stamps on this card issued between 1975 and 2018.  I especially like the baseball themed stamp in lower left. It's one of twenty in a set issued in 1996 for the Atlantic Olympics. The top right stamp is one of ten Bioluminescent Life stamps issued in 2018. Others include the 1975 Christmas Stamp, a Star Trek stamp from 2016, a Pacific 97 triangle stamp from 1997 and a Mountain Lion from 1987.


Here's another railway card , without the railway, just the tracks. This card arrived from Slovakia.

Pavel who hails from Bratislava used 2 stamps on his card. The left stamp is from 2009 , 1 of 11 in a Cultural Heritage of Slovakia set. The set is a recurring issue with a single stamp issued each year since. The larger stamp on the right , from 2018, is a Europa Stamp featuring a Bridge.

After two railroad cards, it's time for an Airline / Airplane card - a Cargolux B747. Based in Luxembourg, Cargolux is one of the largest scheduled all cargo airlines in Europe.

Valerie used 3 stamps on her card.   On the left is 1 of 4 Postocollant Stamps issued in 2013. The middle stamp, is 1 of 4 in a 2015 Flowers set. The stamp on the right , also from 2015, is 1 of 3 in a Vegetable of Yesteryear set.


What's Up ? Well, it's that time, last card time . This one is from France. It's a bird delivering a letter -  cheaper than a mailman I guess.

Fanny used a new 2018 stamp featuring Lucie and Raymond Aubrac. It honors their actions and memory. They were united in their commitment to the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation. 

That's all for today. Thanks for cards go to Tanya, Ray, Valerie, Pavel and Fanny. Take care, see you back here soon. 

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