Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Little More July Cards

I'm back again - so soon you say. Not like me some might say. I just have four cards on hand so thought what the heck, let's do it. And what better way to start, than with an Airline / Aircraft themed card, and a new airline to me - Karhumaki Airlines. Founded in 1947, Karhumaki started scheduled services in June of 1951. Karhumaki was renamed Kar Air in January of 1957 and later became part of Finnair in September  1996.

A Postcrosser named Juha sent this card. He wrote that his first flight was on a Kar Air Airbus A300 , flying from Helsinki to Faro, Portugal, when he was just a 10 year old kid. My first flight was on an Eastern Provincial Airways DC-3 , when I was 15, flying from Gander, Newfoundland to Wabush , Labrador. Here's a thought - tell me about your first flight, how old you were, when you flew,  what type of plane, if you know, and where you flew from and to . Leave a comment.
Back to Juha's card. He used 2 stamps, the left one is from 2017, 1 of 4 in a Birds set. The right stamp is 1 of 6 in a set issued in 2018 , commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Finnish Defence Forces. It's a little difficult to see, but the card received a special Havis Amanda cancellation. Maybe it's not special, I really don't know and I don't know why it received this cancel, maybe it has to do with the location it was posted.
Havis Amanda is the name of Finland's most famous statue. It's a nude mermaid statue, sculpted in 1906, erected in Helsinki.

Today's second card gives us a look at Saint Martin Church in Colmar, northeastern France, 64 km from Strasbourg, near the German border. The church was completed in 1365.

Dominique used a stamp from 2016 showing Notre-Dame-Des-Mission, a Roman Catholic Church.

My next card arrived from Australia. On it we can see five Surf Sirens resting on Manly Beach, New South Wales sometime around 1940.

Helena used a couple of stamps on her card. On the left is a 2018 stamp celebrating the birth of a Royal Baby - HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge. The right stamp was issued in 2017, 1 of 3 in a Water Plants set.

It's last card time for today. It arrived from Cambodia. On it we see the North Gate of Angkor Thom, the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire. It was founded in the late 12th century.

Ravindra used a 2017 stamp on his card. It is 1 of 5 in a set showcasing Khmer Culture.

Well that's it for this time. Thanks for today's card go out to Juha, Dominique, Helena and Ravindra.
But before I go, let's take a minute and go back to the Australia stamps on Helena's card. Looks like the dreaded pen canceller struck again. And I used to think that this was a Canadian phenomenon, I guess not. Sad though, this pen/pencil affliction seems to be.  If only I was close, he or she would certainly get a blast. Someday when I have a little spare time I'm going to go thru my cards and see if I can find a country that this condition hasn't spread to. I'll keep you all informed. Sounds like winter work to me. Now, that's the end. Take care, See you again soon.


Barbara Arts said...

Hi Glenn,
It’s been a while since I visited your wonderful blog and the new additions to your collection look great.
I like your question about when our first flight experience was.
First I thought my first flight was when I very little, around 1977 or 1978. But since I’m not sure (and neither is my Mom) my answer has to be:
1988, I was almost 12, and it was with my Dad and uncle who were both hobby pilots. We flew a Cessna 172 Skyhawk from Budel (Kempen Airport or Budel Airport, near the border of Belgium) and back again. My little sister and I were very excited and the flight was great fun!

Until next time! (^_^)

Teena Moores said...

The first flight for me was between St. John's, NL and Toronto, On. I was thrilled and terrified at the same time, my dear grandmother, now deceased, traveled with me , i was 15 and so excited for this adventure. It was an Air Canada jet in July of '71, can't remember the exact date , but we were on a lucky flight that day, because the same day an AC flight crashed in Toronto.Been on many flights since with my darling hubby [you] and every single one is a thrill-------
I'm still in awe of the wonder of flight!!!

Teena Moores said...

My memory is failing me,lol. ---It was July 05, 1970 not 1971, i remember now cause it was the end of grade 10, and that plane crashed the same day, so July 05 1970 it was.