Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Contest Update

Hello again , I'm back with a little update on my contest. I just received postcard number 4,999 so the next one received is the big # 5,000. So far I have had 5 entries guessing a total of 8 countries. So there's lots of countries still available to chose. So get your thinking hats on and pick a country and maybe win a great prize. For all the rules see my June 1st blog update. I'm pretty sure # 5,000 will make an appearance before the end of the week. I won't reveal where it came from until after Friday , as that's how long you have left to get your entry in via a comment. Come on Ana, Leslie, Jean Pierre, David, Johan, Ravindra, Bruce, Meelis, Dominique, Jobbo, Carla, Mike & Ashley and Josep & Assumpta , Barbara and Gordon. I'm expecting all you guys and gals to leave a comment with your entry.   


Johan Ockerman said...

I think Croatia!

Francesca said...

My guess is either Russia or Taiwan :)