Friday, June 1, 2018


Well here it is - my version of a contest to celebrate postcard number 5,000 arriving in my mailbox. I am just 8 cards away from number 5,000 so I think it should arrive next week sometime. But as always the question remains , where's it going to arrive from ?  Spin a  globe and point, spread out a map and drop something on it and where it falls , maybe that's the place. So here's your chance to participate and win a great collectible prize. The contest rules : The first reply via Comments with the correct country wins. You can only select 2 countries or stamp issuing entities in your ONE comment. Only ONE entry per person. If there is no winner a random draw from all entries will win. Contest closing date - no comments will be considered after Friday June 8, 2018. And here's what you might win. The winner will get a choice between 2 prizes.  Here they are:

The first is a pane of 10 stamps celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary as a nation. These special stamps recreate the events that united us and made us proud to be Canadian.

The second is a special souvenir sheet celebrating the Toronto Maple Leafs 100th Anniversary. This $5.00 stamp bears an authentic miniature fabric crest - a Canada Post first. This stamp is only available in this souvenir sheet, complete with commemorative packaging.

So , with these items up for grabs, I think it's worth while to take a minute and send along a comment to enter.

There you have it. Good luck to all .


Hanna said...

I have to say Finland

pinkfoidhaircult said...

I want to believe that it is either USA or China

nagi7 said...

I would say Germany or Netherlands

Gerda Theunis said...

Already congrats with postcard nr 5000!!�� I think it will be coming from Italy or Belgium!��
And thanks a lot for the wonderful holiday postcards... they will be on my blog soon!

Sagar Godbole said...

I think it will be from Belgium or Russia!

Ana said...

Haha, I have been refraining from leaving a comment on purpose cos I kinda know about something on your way ...but lets say Serbia then, khm khm