Thursday, June 7, 2018

Card # 5,000 and .... The Winner Is

Good day to you all. Well it's here -- Card # 5,000 arrived yesterday, and I do have a winner to my little contest. The correct country was guessed by Gerda from Belgium. Congratulations to you Gerda . My 5,000th card arrived from Italy. On it we can see the Rialto Bridge across The Grand Canal in Venice. The Rialto is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the canal. It was constructed between 1588 and 1591.

Believe it or not , My Lovely Teena sent this card, never knowing it might end up being #5,000. Now the stamps - on the left is a stamp highlighting the Navy School in Venice. It was issued in 2002. The top right stamp, issued in 2017, commemorates 150 Years of the daily Italian newspaper La Stampa. The bottom right stamp, issued in 2016 shows Alghero Red Coral.

Take note of the nice cancellation - The Horses of San Marco.

Gerda , when you are ready just drop me a comment or email , letting me know whether you want the Canada 150 pane of 10 or the Toronto Maple Leafs souvenir sheet.

Thanks to My Lovely Teena for sending this card and thanks to all who entered the contest.

1 comment:

Gerda Theunis said...

Hello Glenn!

WoW!! Lucky me... Thanks so much for hosting this lottery!:D
Those "Venezia" postcards are all so wonderful.♥

Can I have the Toronto Maple Leafs souvenir sheet, please. (I'm really curious about that miniature fabric crest)

Congrats once more and have a great weekend!