Wednesday, April 25, 2018

More From the Pile

Hello again. I missed a couple of days there, but I'm here now, working my way through the pile of cards on my desk.
Let's start with a card from Sabah, Malaysia - Land Below the Wind. It gets this name simply because it is located below the typhon belt. Sabah occupies the top portion of Borneo , the third largest island in the world. Gabriel's card shows some of the Rungus people living in Kudat near the northermost point of Borneo. Kudat is the largest town in the heartland of the Rungus people and is a major centre of Rungus culture. The Rungus people are famed for their intricate and decorative beadwork, as can be seen on this card.


Gabriel used a Flower stamp from a set of 8 issued in 2010 and also an International  Definitive from a set of 8.

My next card is from France. It's from a glass exhibition held in 2013 in the Lorraine area. It actually took place in the Abbaye des Premontres  which dates from 1705. You can see some of the fine glasswork on display on the front of the card.

Dominique used a nice French Airmail stamp issued in 1981. It features French aviators Dieudonne Costes and Joseph Le Brix, who flew around the world in 1928.

This next car shows Iguazu Falls, on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The highest point of the falls is 82 metres. An impressive sight to see for sure.

David used 2 stamps from 2017 on his card. They are the two Butterfly stamps. The smaller stamp on the left was issued in 2017 and showcases Domestic Fruit Production. I'm not sue how though from looking at the stamp.

Here's a card that arrived from Brussels, Belgium. It shows a Swiss helicopter operating with KFOR . This is the Kosovo Force - a Nato led peacekeeping mission operating in Kosovo since June 1999 to build peace and stability in the area. 

Meelis used a 2016 Tintin stamp , 1 of 5 in the set.

Now it's a card from mailed from Gulluk, Turkey. Here we see Simena, a small village in Antalya Province. It's a popular yachting destination.

Levant used a couple of stamps on his card. On the left is a definitive stamp from a set of 16 issued in 2006. The right stamp, also a definitive , is from a set of 4 issued in 2011.

The stamp on the left brought back memories of the 1958-60 Cities of Turkey set. It has 134 stamps and is the largest pictorial set ever issued. Anyone else remember these ?

Last card time. It's Ubudiah Mosque in Malaysia. Located beside the Royal Mausoleum , its golden dome and minarets make it one of the most beautiful mosques in the country. It opened in 1917.

Jobbo used 2 stamps on this one. On the left , from 2015, a stamp, a joint stamp issue of ASEAN countries.
On the right , from a set of 3 issued in 2017, featuring Chinese Festival Food.

There you have it . An aside to Jobbo - I agree with the guy you ran into in the tearoom at The Majestic- Harper is a cold fish and I disagree with him on his other point- let's just say, he never got my vote and never will.

Thanks for cards today go out to Gabriel, Dominique, David, Meelis, Levant and Jobbo.  Great cards all around. Take care. See you again soon.

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