Saturday, April 21, 2018

Back From The ?????

Hello once again. I'm back from a long absence , three weeks , I just can't believe it. Lots of cards arrived during this long time away, but it seems they just never made it here on the blog. It's time to change that , starting now. Today's cards are in no particular order, just how I picked them off my desk.
Let's start with this card from France. It shows the medieval citadel, La Cite, in the hilltop town of Carcassonne in the south of France. It was founded during the Gallo-Roman period and has 3 kms of double walls with 52 towers. The citadel was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1997.

Dominique used a longer than normal stamp from 2016 celebrating the Belfort Philatelic Expo.

My next card is from Indonesia, Bali in fact. It's not the usual beach scene from Bali but a nice inland country scene.

Jean Pierre used 2 copies of a 2017 stamp showing the Tayan Kalbar Bridge.

Here's a card from 950 year old Minsk, Belarus. It's a glamour shot of Nicole Kidman, My Lovely Teena's  favourite actress - NOT. I liked her though  in the 1993 movie " Malice ". Good movie , too.  The first I remember Kidman acting in was the 1989 t v series  "Bangkok Hilton " .

Postcrosser Natalya used an Edible Mushroom stamp from 2013. It's one of 8 in the series.

Willamette Street in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. in earlier days is the subject of Sarah's card. Eugene is named after early American settler and city founder Eugene Franklin Skinner.

I wonder if you took a poll today, what the result might be, as to what is better the slower times as shown or the fast moving times we all experience in cities today ?

Sarah used a number of stamps on her card. A Star Trek stamp from 2016, a Navajo Jewelry stamp from 2004, An Additional Ounce stamp from 2015 and a Repeal of the Stamp Act stamp from 2016.

Panama City, Panama is up next. It's a great view of the Miraflores locks, part of the Panama Canal, a sight to see for sure. One I have seen twice, first I went through East to West and then a few years later West to East. The Miraflores locks ships are lifted or lowered 16.5 m , allowing them to eventually transit from the Pacific to the Atlantic or vice versa.

David used a stamp overprinted in 2014 for the Centenary of the Scouting movement in Panama. The stamp was first issued in 1999 without any overprint commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the Panama Canal.

That`s 5 cards so I think that will do for this time. So it`s 5 cards off the desk, but still lots to go. Thanks for cards this time go out to Dominique, Jean Pierre, Natalya, Sarah and David.  I`m hoping to be back here again tomorrow, perhaps with your card this time. Drop by and see.  Cheers !

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