Wednesday, June 28, 2017

You Decide Today's Post Title


Stamp Wars : Episode V : The Postman Strikes Back

Title Courtesy of Barbara From The Netherlands and a postcard goes out to her for her title.

Hello again. I am stuck for a title for this update. So, now it's up to you , the readers. Leave a comment and suggest a title. Who knows - the best one might even win a postcard !

I'll start today with a card from Shanghai, P.R.China . An older gent attempting a set of stairs, with his cane. This could be many of us in years to come. Who knows ?

Elder Boy, a Postcrosser from Shanghai, sent this card along. He used a rather nice large stamp from 2002. It's the only stamp in a beautiful souvenir sheet. It gives a great look at Hokou Waterfall.

Now I know you can't see my anger, but it's there. Once again the postman ( either in China or Canada ) saw fit to strike his pen through another fine stamp. I'll never understand this , especially since this stamp had already received a circular cancellation. Shouldn't that be enough ?

Now we have an interior view of The Premontres Abbey of Pont-a-Moussos, an 18th century building in the Lorraine region of France.

Dominique used a 1973 stamp commemorating the 10th Anniversary of French - German co-operation. It is a joint issue with Germany.

Marilyn Monroe- American actress, model and sex symbol. That just about covers it, I think.

Many people collect Marilyn cards. I don't , but I have a number of them and periodically send one to Barbara, who has a fine collection of them.

Natali , who lives in Rybinsk , a city on the Volga River used 3 of the Kremlin definitives on this card. They were issued in 2009.

A final note on Marilyn. The dress she wore when she sang
" Happy Birthday Mr President " to President John F. Kennedy will be on display in Luseland , Saskatchewan, a small rural town of   about 500 , on July 10th. The dress cost $12,000 in 1962 and was last sold for $4.8 million . I guess security will be tight in Luseland that day.

My second card for today, from Dominique, shows the 44.4 meter Cross of Loraine in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises in north-eastern France. The town achieved fame as the home and burial place of Charles de Gaulle. The Cross of Lorraine was built to commemorate de Gaulle's wartime role as commander of the Free French Forces.

Dominique used a 2014 stamp with tab, featuring a building in Poitiers, a city in western France.

Now for the last card for today. It arrived from the beautiful island of Tasmania. It shows the West Coast Wilderness Railway , one of the world's great railway journeys. It operates over 35 km between Queenstown and Strahan using the unique rack and pinion third rail ABT system to conquer the mountain terrain.

Elizabeth used a stamp from 2017, 1 of 4 in a Jetties set. Shown is the Kincumber Jetty in New South Wales. Oh my, what else do we have here. Looks like the Stamp Defiler has struck again. As Johnnie Cash sang in his song " A Boy Named Sue " ,  " I still hate that man " .

Well folks, that's all for today. Thanks go out to Elder Boy, Dominique, Natali, and Elizabeth for their fine cards. Don't forget to leave a title for today's update in comments. Take care.


Barbara Arts said...

Hi Glenn,

I sense a theme here and so my suggestions for your Post Title are these:
"The Postman always strikes twice"
"Attack of the Stamp Defiler"
Both very corny but I hope it's deflates your anger a little bit. (^_^)

I always feel that putting that line across the stamp is a very strange thing to do; it's annoying and ugly.
Hopefully it doesn't happen too often.
Have a wonderful Summer!


Barbara Arts said...

Sorry, just thought of another one and I just wanted to share it with you.
"Stamp Wars: Episode V: The Postman Strikes Back"

I will stop now. (-_-;)

Gem from Airdrie said...

Hi Barbara,
I think you're 3rd suggestion is the best . I'm going with that one, and that wins you a special card for sure.
Take care.

Barbara Arts said...

Hi Glenn,

Thank you very much!
I'm sorry that you didn't have a better choice but I'm still glad that you liked my suggestion. (^_^)
When the card arrives I'll definitely let you know.
I'm looking forward to it!

Best wishes,