Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Still June

I'm back with this week's postcard offerings. Maybe I should say today's offerings as I would hope to be back again . Let's start with 2 cards from France, both sent by Dominique.
Card # 1 shows a portion of the walled town of Langres, in northeastern France . The walls are 3.5 km in length and include a dozen towers and seven gates. The Cathedral of Saint-Mammes , dating from the 12th century , in located in Langres. The town is also known for the cheese of the same name , made there. Finally, it is the birthplace of Denis Diderot, the philosopher famous for editing the  " Encyclopedie " .

Dominique used a large nice 2014 stamp on this card. It features Anne of Brittany. She looks exactly the same
on this stamp as she does on a postcard that I featured here on the blog back on Sunday, April 9th of this year.

Here's Dominique's 2nd card. It's a look at the former home of Paul Verlaine, French poet and translator. Verlaine was a member of the Decadent Movement, an artistic and literary movement in Western Europe. The movement was characterized by self-disgust, sickness at the world, general skepticism, delighting in perversion and crude humor. As you can see on the card Mr Verlaine's home is now a restaurant.

It's a 1963 Art stamp , from a set of 2, on this card.

Here's the latest postcard for my Airlines / Aircraft Collection. It's a Czech Airlines B737 , aircraft registration OK-DGL. This aircraft was only in Czech Airlines fleet during 1998. It is now in Badr Airlines fleet and registered as EK73772.
The livery on the card is really nice, with an old aircraft painted on the forward section of the fuselage and another on the tail section.

A PostCrosser named Sarka sent this card along. She lives in Litomerice, a city of about 25,000 in the north of the Czech Republic. Her stamp is from 2011 and celebrates Folk Architecture.

My next card is from Kempten, a town of 67,000 in Bavaria, Germany. It is the oldest urban settlement in the country, dating back possibly to 50 BC . Kempten is also the birthplace of Claude Dornier, the German aircraft engineer and founder of Dornier GmbH. His legacy includes the Dornier DO X Flying Boat, for decades the world's largest and most powerful airplane. Unfortunately , none of this is featured on the postcard, just a number of local Kempten buildings.

Anne Marie used a Flower definitive on her card. She is from Dublin but was in Kempten for a Virtual Tourist EuroMeetUp.

 One more for my Airlines Collection. An Air Lib Express DC10-30. Registration F-GPVA. The first flight for this aircraft was on 27 November 1974. Other operators of this DC10 were Finnair, JAT Airways, World Airways and Malaysia Airlines. F-GPVA is no longer with us - it was scrapped in early 2005. Jean Pierre's card shows the aircraft at Paris Orly in 2003.

Pushkin Square in central Moscow is the subject of my next card. The square was named for Alexander Pushkin in 1937 and is one of the busiest city squares in the world. The card from Yulia shows a statute of Pushkin in the center of the square, which was moved to Addis Ababa in 2014 to commemorate the poet's African heritage.

Not much in the line of stamps here, just a couple of the old 2009 definitives. Nice clear Moscow cancellation though.

Well, I think that will do it for this time. Thanks for cards go out to Dominique, Anne Marie, Sarka, Jean Pierre and Yulia.
As always, leave a comment if you want , I read them all, not that I get many, mind you. Take care.

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