Sunday, May 21, 2017

Two Cards !

Hello again, I just have a small update for today. Let's start with a card celebrating an international Postcrossing meet-up held in 2 cities/countries simultaneously. It was held in Singapore and Wuxi, China on January 25, 2017, 3770 km apart. A special Postcrossing postcard was designed showing elements from both countries, and this is the card I received.

My card is from Siye who attended the meetup in Wuxi. She also had the card signed by 20 or so other Postcrossers who attended. I was n't able to find any info about the stamp used, but here it is .


The Admiralty is the focus on this next card. This building was the former headquarters of the Admiralty Board and the Imperial Russian Navy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now it is the headquarters of the Russian Navy. The building, which opened in 1823, is one of St. Petersburg's oldest and most important buildings. It is just opposite the Winter Palace and the focal point of three of the city's main central streets.

 Svetlana used 2 stamps on her card. On the left is a Kremlin definitive from 2009 and on the right  a 2016 stamp issued for the Philatelists Union in Russia.

On to the next card. Opps - that's all the cards I have at present, I am now up to date . Thanks today go to Siye and Svetlana for their cards.Thanks for dropping by , do come back again - I should  have a few cards by the middle of the week. Take care.

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Barbara Arts said...

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your gorgeous Marilyn postcard.
It's been a while since I last visited your blog and I see that you've received a lot of nice postcards with wonderful stamps.
You mentioned that you couldn't find any info on that Chinese stamp and because I love to solve little mysteries I took it upon myself to search for some information.
It's a 3 Yuan personalized stamp depicting bamboo and is called a Special-use stamp for Greeting Cards, issued in 2013.
I found this on the site Colnect:
Good luck and have fun with your blog!
My next postcard to you will coming soon. (^_^)