Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to All The Mothers Out There

Yes, it's Mother's Day and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many Mother related cards out there, at least I've not seen them. But, if you know me, you know I would find one. Here it is - going out to my Mom. I wish I could have sent this card out to her, but sadly she passed before I ever collected postcards. Miss you Mom.

Now it's on to a few regular cards. Let's start with 2 from the U.S.A. Both were sent by Mike & Ashley who hail from Malvern, PA. The first one is a Greetings from Boonsboro, Maryland card. The town of just over 3,300 was founded in 1792 by George Boone, a cousin of Daniel Boone.


The card arrived with 3 new or relatively new stamps .  On the left is 1 of 11 in a 2017 set honouring Oscar de la Renta. In the middle , a 2017 stamp celebrating 150 years of Nebraska statehood. Over on the right , from 2016, one celebrating 200 years of Indiana statehood.

Here`s Mike & Ashley`s second card. On this one we see the Lehigh River  in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. The river known for its white water rapids through the Lehigh Gorge is 107 miles long.

Lots of new stamps on this one, too. All three were issued this year. On the left is a Uncle Sams Hat Additional Ounce stamp. The other 2 are from the WPA Posters set of 10. WPA is the Works Projects Administration (1935-1943).The one with the planes was a poster featuring the City of New York Municipal Airports. The one with the ships was a poster for the United States First Foreign Trade Zone - Staten Island , New York.

 That Municipal Airports stamp is a great addition to my Aviation Stamp Collection.

Three cards from India are next, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. All 3 were sent by David, from his recent trip over that way. The first one shows Lotus Temple, built in 1986. It is also known as the Baha`i House of Worship. Noted for its flowerlike shape, it has become a prominent attraction in the city and one of the most visited place in the world.

David used 2 stamps issued this year on this card. Both are Transportation related featuring a Bus and a Metro.

 David`s second card features the Taj Mahal . I don`t really need to write anything about this as it is world renown .

The stamp on this one dates from 2016 and celebrates Children`s Day.

David`s last card for today, and also the final card for this time shows Amber Fort, Jaipur.  Sheesh Mahar or the Palace of Mirrors is located in the Amber Fort. The walls are adorned with thousands of mirror tiles. The most awe-inspiring thing about this place is that a single candle is enough to light the entire hall of the fort because of these mirrors.

The January 2017 stamp on this card is India`s part of a Joint Stamp Issue with Portugal featuring traditional dances of each country.

There you go, another update complete. Thanks today go out to Mike & Ashley and to David. Thanks for dropping in , hope you enjoyed. A Happy Day to all the Moms out there once again.

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