Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's Not Tuesday , But It Is Thursday

Good day to you all. My last couple of updates have been on a Tuesday, but today I see no reason to wait for another Tuesday. This will be what a Thursday update looks like.
Today I am starting with two cards from Ravindra in Sri Lanka. Card one gives us a look at the Sri Lankan Parliament Complex. It is built on an island in Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. It was officially opened on 29 April 1982.

Ravinrda used 2 fine , large stamps from this current year . On the left is one celebrating the Centenary of the Birth of Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the World's First Woman Prime Minister.  The on the right is a stamp celebrating the Centenary of the World's Cub Scouts.

Here's Ravindra's second card. It's a view of Heritance Tea Factory, the most unique and highest hotel in Sri Lanka, where the kettle is always on. The hotel is a converted tea factory , located at over 2 km above sea level. You can even pluck your own tea here and take it home with you as a souvenir.


Saturn is shown on the stamp , on this one. It was issued in 2014.

My next card which arrived from China, could well become one of my all time favourites. It's a black and white picture of a family of pilgrims  in Zogong, in the Tibet Autonomous Region of northeastern China. How nice it would be to actually receive a card posted from Tibet. Maybe someday.

Miko, a college student from Shanghai used a nice selection of stamps on this one. The 2 on top are from a 1998 set of 4 highlighting Macau Architecture. The left one is a nice Aviation stamp for my collection. At bottem left is a Tall Ship stamp from 2013, while the bottem center stamp is from a 2008 Beijing Olympics minisheet of 10. The green item at far right , I don't think it's a stamp but I could be wrong. It has no value on it, so it may be selvage of some sort.

Now here's a card mailed from Yogyakarta, a city of over 380,000 people located in the center of Java Island, Indonesia. Anissa's card shows a dancer from Bali. Balinese dances incorporate eye and facial expressions in many routines.

Anissa , who sent this card , wrote that she was home on vacation , after six months working on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. Funny, I go away for vacation and she goes home for one.
She used a Joint issue of Indonesia and DPRK. When I first looked at the stamp , I thought the card was from North Korea as Kim II Sung is  prominently featured on it.

Here are the final 2 cards for this time. Both feature Lufthansa and both arrived  from Portugal. The first one shows a Lufthansa flight attendant with a possible UM , waving goodbye.

Marilia sent this card and used a 2016 stamp from a set of 5 , featuring Extreme Sports. The stamp shows Windsurfing, not sure I would classify that as extreme.

And the last one is , a card celebrating Lufthansa's 60 Years of Service in Portugal. Lots of old time pictures on this one. Should bring back some memories for any Lufthansa people out there.

A PostCrosser named Beatriz sent this one and used a 2016 stamp featuring a Badger. It is 1 of 6 in a set of Predators.

Sorry, I think I scanned this one a little sideways. Just tilt your head a little to the right for a better look.

There you have it , another update. Thanks for cards go out to Ravindra, Miko, Anissa, Marilia and Beatriz. Great cards and great stamps everyone.
Drop by again soon, I have lots of cards to keep me going for a couple of weeks. Take care.

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