Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Already - Who Would Have Thought ?

I'm back again, two days late into August. Again I have a number of fine cards to have a look at this time. First is a card from Pennsylvania, USA. When I pulled it out of my mailbox, I thought it was from Guyana, as it commemorates the Golden Jubilee of Guyana's Independence. The Co-operative Republic of Guyana achieved independence on the 26 of  May, 1966.

Mike & Ashley of Malvern, PA sent this card along. The stamps used include the Penguins Additional Ounce Rate from 2015, the Shirley Temple Forever issue from 2016 and a Batman Forever  from 2014.

Next is a card from the island of Sark . Sark is an island in the Channel Islands in the southwestern English Channel, off the coast of Normandy, France. It has a population of around 600 and forms park of the Balliwich of Guernsey. On the card we can see the lighthouse at Point Robert. It is 16 m high and was constructed in 1913, but has been automated since 1994.


Dominique's summer vacation destination was the Channel Islands, so that's how this card ended up in my mailbox.  He used a 2014 stamp , 1 of 6 in a Flowers All Over the Country SEPAC issue.  SEPAC is the Small European Postal Administration Cooperation.

My last card for today is from the Netherlands. It shows a Manhole cover from Japan, the design of which shows Osaka Castle. This was the largest and most heavily fortified castle ever built in Japan. Construction began in 1583 using 30,000 men. This number was doubled to 60,000 and the castle was completed in three years.

This is a private swap card with Barbara. The stamp is from 2014. It is 1 of 6 in a set called Borderless Netherland - Japan.

There it is , a little shorter than my usual . Just 3 cards. Thanks to Mike & Ashley, Dominique and Barbara. Thanks for dropping by, see you again soon.

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Graham Clayton said...

That manhole cover from Japan is the most ornate that I have ever seen. Are there many other similar manholes in Japan?