Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Venezuela and More

Howdy folks - I'm back with a few more cards - some of the ones that I found in yesterday's mail. Let's start with one that was on the go for quite a while. It's from Venezuela. Margarita Island in fact. The card shows a 100 year history of the Venezuela Flag.

As I mentioned this card took quite a while to reach its destination. David wrote this card on Oct 01, 2015 . It received its cancellation that day in Porlamar, on Margarita Island - nicknamed  " Pearl of the Caribbean ".  Margarita Island is about 40 kilometers north of the mainland.  So the card it was posted on 01 Oct 2015 and was received in Parksville,  Canada yesterday 04 April 2016 - 6 months and 3 days later. Not too bad I guess as I have heard some cards have travelled for over a year from Venezuela. I don't know where they get to for those long stretches. It would certainly be interesting to find out- I'm sure it'd be a dam good story.

David used a 2004 stamp . It is 1 of 2 in a set , a Joint Issue with Iran. The stamp on the card features Pico Bolivar , the highest mountain in Venezuela. The 2nd stamp in the Joint Issue features Mount Damavand in Iran.


Card  # 2 is from Indiana, U.S.A. It is a 1961 view of an area in Central Park, Manhattan, New York. It's the Gapstow Bridge or the 79th Street Arch. It was built in 1896 and is 12 ft high, spans 44 ft of water and is 76 ft in length.

a relatively new Postcrosser named Jennifer sent this card and used a number of recent stamps. I have wrote of them all previously , so today I'll just show then without comment.

I actually didn't realize this, but my next card also has a stone, arched bridge. This one though is in Turkey and shows rafting in Rize, a city in the eastern part of the Black Sea region of Turkey.

The large stamp used here is from a set of 4 issued in 2007, all in Comics themes.

A card from Ukraine is next. I guess the young girl's blouse tell the theme of the card - I love Ukraine.

Galina used 3 stamps, 2 of which are quite common definitives and are often seen. The other , larger stamp was issued in 2013. It celebrates Vera Kholodnaya, the first star of Russian cinema. The Ukraine born attress died at the young age of 25. In 2003 a life size bronze statue of her was erected in Odessa.

Just 2 more cards to go, so stay with me. Next we see Rock House Cave , the largest bluff shelter in Petit Jean State park in Arkansas, U.S.A.  The 3,471 acre state park features 21 miles of hiking trails, waterfalls and great views atop Petit Jean Mountain. Located in the park is Cedar Falls, impressive at 29 meters.

 Spiecho used the round Global Forever Christmas Wreath stamp. We've all seen that one before , so no need to show it again.

Here's the last card for today. The description for the card is all in Russian, so I am totally at a lost, but it looks like an old ski plane flipped over on its roof. I can make out the broken propeller and damaged fuselage towards the tail section. Hopefully all hands got out okay, you know what pilots say - any landing you walk away from is a good one.

Aleksandr used a couple of the 2009 Kremlin definitives. It seems like they have been around forever, we've all seen them over and over, but not today.

That's it for this time. Thanks for today's card go to David, Jennifer, Galina, Spiecho, Aleksandr and a Postcrosser in Turkey whose name I couldn't make out. Thanks for dropping in and reading this, please come by again. Take care.

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