Monday, April 4, 2016

A Train, A Dog, A Time Machine, Royalty, Mailboxes and Stamps

Welcome back . Thanks for dropping by. If you looked at the title of today's update, you can see that it's going to be somewhat of a mixed bag. But cards are cards, you take what you get.

There are lots of train / railroad postcard collectors out there, so I'm sure a few of you will enjoy this first card. It arrived from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It shows an old steam locomotive passenger train puffing along.

 A young Postcrosser named Zala sent this card, she's just 11 years old. I can only wish I had started collecting postcards at that early age. What a collection I'd have today.
Zala used 2 Flower stamps from a 2007 set of 17, all definitives.

Card # 2 arrived from Pori, Finland. Pori is a city of just over 76,000 on the west coast of Finland. The card is a picture of a 1993 oil on canvas by Danilo Ivanovic. It's  called " Chestnuts " . Look down at the bottom and you'll see them. It could have been called  " Lady In Red Shoes " . Or " Lady With Her Dog and Bike ".
Now I'm not one to talk, but the dog sure twisted his neck around. Maybe it could have been called "Dog With A Twist ". Just saying.  Chestnuts just doesn't cut it for me.

Milla used a 2015 stamp featuring HIM - His Infernal Majesty, a Finnish Rock Band. It is 1 of 6 in a set, featuring Rock bands in Finland.

Next is an old movie poster postcard featuring the 1960s movie The Time Machine. The movie starred Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux, Sebastian Cabot and Tom Helmore and was based on H.G. Wells novel.

Jo sent this card from  's-Hertogenbosch, a city in southern Netherlands. Jo just became a new grandfather to Sophie, so congratulations to him. He used the 2014 International rate Windmill stamp.

The Belgian Royal Family is the subject of my next card. This picture was taken 21 July 2013. First we see Philippe, and Mathilde , King and Queen of the Belgians and their kids, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Emmanuel and Eleonore. Also seen is Queen Fabiola, and King Albert and Queen Paola.

This is another card ( one of many ) that I have received from Johan. He used 2 quite recent stamps honouring 2 young members of the Royal Family, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Gabriel. The stamps received First Day of Issue cancellations on 12-03-2016.

That's the postcards for today. But I do want to show a couple of stamps I received on a cover from Malaysia, thanks to Jean Pierre.

On the left are 2 Flower definitives issued 25 Feb 2016. They are 2 of the set of 6 that also featured the Sultan of Johor. The 2 long stamps in the middle were issued 03 Feb 2016 and featured Traditional Dancers of Malaysia. A set of 4 were issued. Then over on the right is 1 of 2  issued in 2012 ,  a Royal Issue.

I think that's a good update for today. Thanks for today's cards and stamps go to Zala, Milla, Jo, Johan and Jean Pierre. I should be back again soon, I received 6 cards in the mail today, so I'll have no excuse for not updating in a day or so. As always , if you have a comment or thought about today's update , be sure to leave it. I welcome them all. Take care.

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